Article of the Week: Kobonashi

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I don’t know what happened, but I suddenly had that spark back and was able to flesh things out very easily.  I was asked to write the [[Kobonashi]] article a long time ago, and though I knew most of the details I just couldn’t organize my thoughts and pull out enough information to put them in the [[wiki]].  But now I did!  I drew this article up after work yesterday and today, and I think it’s pretty decent.  I also like tossing in the (more…) link lately, so all the information isn’t just on the front page.  That way you have to click to read it then I know people actually read it!  Nyah Nyah!

[[Kobonashi]] are an extremely rare, heavily draconic variation of kobolds. According to legend, kobonashi are spawned from the ancient dragon blood that runs deep within the veins of all kobolds. It is believed that long ago the elder dragons Ma’at and Rakanishu intermingled with the Shah’ren kobolds, lacing their blood with pure draconic blood. On rare occasions, this interbreeding manifests itself as a a kobonashi, the chosen of the kobolds.




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Upcoming Article of the Week

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I’m working on writing an entire new page in the wiki for the article of the week.  It is going to be [[Kobonashi]].  I intend to have it done by the end of the night tomorrow, I’m just working out a few more elements with them.  It’s an entirely new page, but they play a very important role in [[Dragonhawk]] eventually.

Article of the Week: Elements

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[[Elements (Saros)|The Elements]] is probably one of the most important articles.  Honestly, I don’t feel it really contains complete data, but it was one of the first pages written.  It did take me several months to figure out how I wanted the elements.

The Elements are the primary driving force in the universe of Saros. They are the energy that all things are created from and the focus of all magic, both physical and ethereal. Each element has its own plane of existence as well as a Primal Dragon.

Nearly everything in the world is composed of base elements. All creatures, objects, beings and even the air itself is made up of this energy. It flows around us, in us, and through us. We, ourselves, are composed of this power.

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Article of the Week: Plane

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the article about [[Plane (Saros)|planes]] probably one of the most important articles. It can probably be more thurough, but I’m not sure how. I understand it. It doesn’t really go into as much depth about the [[evanescence]] as is possible, but that is intentional. the evanescence is an article that should be large enough to deserve its own page, but it doesn’t have one yet. I’m getting ready for bed, so I’m not going to bother with the “clean up” editing I usually do when I post these. This means the links might not work.


A Plane is an alternate area of existance or an alternate reality. To most people a plane of existance other than their home plane will be very alien to them having different laws of physics and unexpected behavior. Most planes are infinite in size while some have a very limited amount of space, such as mental planes. Planes can be divided into several groups.



  • 1 Material Planes
    • 1.1 Material Plane
    • 1.2 Plane of Shadows
  • 2 Transient Planes
    • 2.1 Timestream
    • 2.2 Astral Plane
    • 2.3 Ethereal Plane
  • 3 Elemental Planes
    • 3.1 Plane of Fire
    • 3.2 Plane of Air
    • 3.3 Plane of Ice
    • 3.4 Plane of Water
    • 3.5 Plane of Earth
    • 3.6 Plane of Lightning
  • 4 Demiplanes
    • 4.1 Balaa
    • 4.2 Mental
    • 4.3 Pocket Dimension

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Why am I so AFRAID of my [[Saros|wiki]]?!  Seriously, I am terrified of writing lately and I have no idea why.  I’ll open a [[Special:RandomPage|Random Article]] to get myself into the wiki.  I tab away to look at a new site.  I navigate do a couple more random articles, trying to find a place to get hooked in.  I check forums.  I navigate to the story on which I am currently working.  I already know where the plot is going immediately and in the long run.  I have it planned out pretty thuroughly.  I click edit and scroll down to the bottom of the page to the edit box, scrolling to where I want to add text.  I stare at it for a moment before I close the page and check my e-mail and facebook.  If not that, I get terrified and find something else to do, usually navigating away from the page.  Sometimes I’ll be so frightened to right I think it would be better to just go to sleep.  After all, a lot of my ideas come from sleeping and I usually feel relatively safe in my dream world.

A lot of my ideas do come while I’m sleeping.  Sleeping and showering are where I am able to focus my thoughts the best.  I don’t feel like I need to run away because I am safe.  There are people waiting for me in my dreams who will usually make me feel good.  In the shower I can flesh things out very clearly.  It is where I came up for the concept of [[Mana]].  It is where I balanced [[The Elements]].  It is where [[Vera]], the [[Primal Dragons]], and [[Mathias Blades]] were born.  My mind is PURIFIED and CLEAR, but every time I come close to the wiki — at work, at home — I am TERRIFIED and cannot think.  Despite the entire world I have created for myself with dozens of [[Category:Important_Characters_(Saros)|characters]], a slew of [[Category:Creatures_(Saros)|creatures]], many places to visit and interesting things to do, I can never DO anything when I get there.  I am always trapped.

And this isn’t new.  Yes, this basically started when I decided I wanted to take a break from writing, but that is over.  I want to write again. I know before I use to try to work on the technical end.  I’d go over the [[Special:WantedPages|Wanted Pages]] and clean up simple, easy to fix things.  I’d write the short pages, fix redirects, make categories, organize navboxes.  Hell, I wrote a [[Celesian Calendar|CALENDAR]]! 

And there is so much I have still in my head that hasn’t even graced the wiki yet.  [[Solomon’s Key]], [[Chi]], [[Karmatic Energy]], the difference between [[Arcane Magic]] and [[Divine Magic]].  IT IS ALL SOMETHING I ALREADY KNOW.  but I cannot write it down.  I can’t.

Sometimes I try to actually write things.  Sometimes I am less afraid of my notebook than I am of the wiki.  [[Tarrochi cards]] and [[Langirden]] were born because of that.  Ideas that just popped into my head because of something I saw;  I wanted to write it and use it, so I wrote it in the notebook.  It flowed easily.  Yes, I made it up as I went along just like this, just like how I DM, just like how 50% of my ideas come to me.  But a lot of them stay in my head.  Some of them fade, even the good ones.  Hell, I might not even remember what Solomon’s Key is later. 

I think part of it might be how intimidating the wiki is.  There is so much information.  It isn’t organized, which is why I spent so much time cleaning up the [[Saros (TOC)|Table of Contents]], but that isn’t organized data.  I don’t have a way to present my story or my world.  Hell, I honestly don’t have a very solid idea of what the world looks like.  The maps I designed years ago are lost and I’ve changed things since then.  The few maps of the world I still have are after a catastrophe.  I don’t know how I can possibly present the world in a manner that is approachable.  I’ve designed it from many aspects.  I know what happens back and forth through time, usually following a specific chain of events, but these events aren’t important yet.  I have a story that is pretty detailed, but not detailed enough and it has no MEANING.  There is meaning in certain things, like [[Ceresa]] and [[Veeshan]] and the [[Celesian Church]] and even things as simple as a [[Undead|zombie]] have a reason for being there, but I don’t know how to explain their relations to each other, especially not in a way thta would draw attention. 

maybe language is my barrier.  I feel like I can’t describe things well enough.  I’m not a writer.  I barely passed English in high school.  I have really taken a formal writing class.  People tell me “Oh your writing is really good;  You’re better than some of the published authors I’ve read” but I don’t believe it, honestly.  The difference between me and the published authors is that the published authors are published.  That also means that they’ve FINISHED something, while I haven’t finished anything at all.  I also get a lot of “you should read blah blah blah to become a better writer!” which is sound advice, but not something I really want to do.  I don’t want to go through troves of books to learn someone elses style of writing and thinking; honestly I’m trying to avoid that.  Plus I always get really distracted when I read other peoples fiction.  I start thinking about my own world or I get bored with their work and think mine is probably boring, too, or mine isn’t as descriptive as theirs and not good enough.  Something I never get from people is feedback.  “Oh, I really liked this article particularly.” or “Can you tell me more about this thing?” or “Were you going to do this with your story?” or “How does blah blah blah do blah blah?”.  THESE are the things that help me the most, because I really get to see what other people are seeing.  I get the impression that the people that are reading are actually reading and not just glancing over it quickly being polite and saying its good. 

I am also afraid of new articles.  There is a list of 142 articles that aren’t written right now and it is because I don’t feel I have enough data to justify creating a new page.  They are mostly people, places, or things and they aren’t important enough to just make stuff up yet;  doing so would cement what they are and I don’t want to have to change them later.  Part of what I like about my world right now is how flexible it is.  I really feel like I can do anything in this world.  I compare other worlds to mine and ask myself “how does this work in Saros?”.  Normally the answer comes very easily and if not, I try to work it out.

I should be able to do this.  I should be able to write, and I KNOW I can write well.  I just can’t do it.



These are relative articles that not only pertain to my inability to write and why I should be able to do it, but were also read instead of writing.

Article of the Week: Kobold

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[[Kobolds]] are malicious, cruel, xenophobic reptilian humanoids about the size of a gnome. They hate almost every other sort of humanoid or fey, especially gnomes and sprites. Kobolds will eat anything, but prefer fresh meat and have no qualms with eating intelligent beings. Cowardly and weak in nature, they will only attack with overwhelming odds or with trickery such as traps and ambushes.

Kobolds are unintelligent and live in a communal hives where they dig holes, attempting to uncover shiny objects. A single kobold can be dispatched by even a child, though in great numbers they can prove to be a nuisance. They have no significant culture of society, though they do carve crude meaningless drawings in their cavern walls.

—excerpt from Encyclopaedia Monstrosiae

Kobolds are reptilian humanoids about the size of a gnome. With that exception, the above, inaccurate quoted text represents the accepted knowledge and general opinion of kobolds by the majority of the populous despite the rich tapestry of history, knowledge, and culture kobolds possess.

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Article of the Week: Nym

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The Nym are a race of humanoid elementals, each from their respective planes. They are small and lack the power of the greater elementals, but possess extraordinary abilities of their own. Though they are gender neutral, most Nyms chose an either feminine or masculine form, depending on their personality. A standard Nym stands about 6 to 8 inches tall and are composed almost entirely of their natural element. This can vary a great deal, however, as some have been known to be as small as a drop of water or as large as a blazing bonfire.


Air Nym

An air nym

An air nym

Air Nyms are NOT Sylphs

Also called Whisperwinds or the Whispering Wind, Air Nyms are beings composed of Air. In their purist form they are invisible to normal detection, but can be seen if, and when, they take other substances into their form such as dust, smoke, water, or small particles. Air Nym are graceful beings that enjoy dancing and playing. They are somewhat shy and usually keep to themselves, but this does not stop them from interacting with others.

Whisperwinds are a repository of mundane knowledge and delight in sharing it with others, though their intent may not always be as pure as the wind that carries them. They enjoy spreading rumors or breaking secrets and watching the resulting events. They are very knowledgeable; a Whisperwind can communicate with others of their kind for miles and have an unworldly knowledge of events and history, though they usually only share it with others if they think the results will amuse them. Air Nyms usually communicate through song, rhyme and riddles. Straightforward truths are reserved for only the most deserving.

Air Nym have the ability to fly freely and can easily conceal themselves in the air. They have extremely beautiful voices, as well, which they use to lure potential victims into potentially dangerous situations. A captured air nym can be used for personal entertainment or coerced into giving information, assuming one could convince them to perform.

[edit] Fire Nym

A particularly bright Cindersprite

A particularly bright Cindersprite

Commonly known as Cindersprites or Cinderlings, Fire Nym do things with passion. Cinderlings have a voracious appetite for anything they can consume, but this is diminished when they are involved in other activities that they enjoy. Cinderlings love using their powers to create and typically use them in the areas of cooking, smithing, pottery and anything else they can take part in. Fire Nyms are envious of others and do not like to be outdone or tossed aside, usually going into a fit of destructive rage and giving in to their desire to feed. This is usually short lived as their competitive behavior forces them to work harder to outdo their rivals.

Among Nym, Cindersprites are one of the few with the ability to fly, thanks to their small, light, burning bodies. They are also the only nym that can easily change their size, usually based on the amount of material they can consume. Some have been known to increase to eight feet in height before burning out. An increased size usually results in increased hunger and increased focus.

Fire Nyms can also change their color usually from the result of consuming something impure or based on their mood. A blue Cindersprite is one that is very focused on a task. While normally red in color, a cinderling may change to yellow at increased temperatures or even green during an impurity.

[edit] Water Nym

A Sessperite

A Sessperite

Known as Sessperites (Elven for Sea Spirit), Water Nyms can be found in lakes and streams, but prefer small secluded ponds and other small stable water sources. They usually keep to themselves and prefer to be left alone to their duties. Outside of those that have made claim in the Material Plane sessperites rarely leave their home plane of water.

Water Nyms loathe impurity and seek to purify and clean dirtiness off of anything they can. A singular nym may attempt to purify a polluted lake by themselves, especially if they have already claimed it as their home. Sessperites also have the power to clean wounds and remove contaminates from water and living things. They are prized in medical facilities for these abilities and enjoy helping out. A sessperite, however, will refuse to help with these chores if others consider it their duty or if it is considered their job by others. An offer of payment is insulting to a water nym, though gifts are accepted.

Water Nyms are very emotional and prone to depression. It is not uncommon, though it is difficult to tell from a distance, to find a water nym crying due to uncleanliness or some other trivial matter. A depressed nym will usually refuse to do any task and sees most things are out of reach or impossible to complete. Sessperites hate being bound and it should be noted that a bottled sessperite has the potential of flooding and exploding any container they are placed in due to their elemental nature. As such, water nyms are capable of increasing or decreasing their physical size usually by crying and absorbing their own tears.

[edit] Earth Nym

Earth Nyms are usually called Earth Wardens. They are sometimes confused with Brownies since they can be the same size and have similar colors. Earth Nyms usually like to play the role of guardian whenever they can, protecting their land and those that they allow to live in it. Earth Nyms usually live in dry areas, but can occasionally be found in muddy grounds or even in civilized areas. An Earth Nym that lives in a muddy environment will usually have a Water Nym companion.

Earth Nyms are both stubborn and sturdy. They stick by their causes beyond most reason. If they feel they are right, they will do everything they can to support their idea and defend it. Even when it is clear that their stance is obviously inaccurate, they may findThis, of course, can make Earth Nyms very difficult to negotiate with.

Earth Nyms are capable of moving large stones and rocks many times their size with greatest of ease, though this ability does not expand past non-earthy materials. They can bend and shape metals and are very keen at separating ores.

[edit] Ice Nym

[edit] Lightning Nym



Also known as Scintilla, Lightning Nym are small little erratic elemental beings. Lightning Nym move from place to place often, never staying in the same location for a long time. They usually stop when something of interest sparks their fancy, but this interest is fleeting and once it fades, the nym will soon move on. The short attention span, in attention to Lightning’s natural hyperactivity, is this Nym’s largest flaw.

Scintilla, however, have an excellent sense of direction and are great navigators. They always know exactly which direction is True North and using their natural powers they can quickly and easily locate the shortest path of least resistance to a destination, especially when searching for what these nym call “shinies.” Scintilla’s impatience comes into play when they attempt to guide someone, however, as they are unwilling to wait for their followers to keep up and do not consider that they may not be able to travel the same paths that they can.

Lightning Nym are unsurprisingly attracted to Earth Elementals, especially Earth Wardens. These Nym are possibly the only thing that can hold a Lightning Nym’s attention for a reasonable amount of time. Lightning Nym are extremely hostile towards Water Nym that have an Earth Nym mate.

[edit] Idea Origin

The nym are suppose to be the opposite of normal elementals. Rather than huge, imposing beings with phenominal cosmic powers, the nym are small and ordinary. The nym are given special qualities that make them unique, however. Anyone can do the things that a Nym can do, but it takes a lot more effort and training for a regular person than for a Nym. They also have significant flaws that make it more difficult to exploit their traits.

The word “Nym” is uniquely generated. I wanted a word that was short and to the point and I like the way this one sounds. I never intend to use the pun antonym.

Article of the Week: Drakonian Ankienen

I totally didn’t forget to post an article of the week last week! Anyway, I think I want to do them on Mondays becuase that is the day that I seem to remember them. Saturdays have turned out to be especially bad since I usually hang out with friends then.

The Drakonian Ankienen was an era of time marked by the birth of the primal dragons on Saros. It lasted approximately 805,000 years and encompassed the creation of the Shah’ren culminating in the war against the mortal race. The declaration of extermination of the Shah’ren by the primal dragons marks the beginning of the Conflict Ankienen.

Shaping of the World

The oldest of Veeshan’s brood were her first four children and they were responsible for the initial creation of all things on the planet. Schalzharaz, the Great Red Dragon of Fire was the first to awaken and immediately sought to claim a secluded lair of his own, diving deep through the earth’s crust and igniting the land, filling it with his fiery essence. Next to awaken was Vasael, the Great Blue Dragon of Water. Using the powers granted by her mother she filled the world’s vast oceans and lakes. Following her was Saephyrn, the Great Cerulean Dragon of the Sky. Flying overhead, Saephyrn breathed air into the sky and created the planets protective atmosphere. Lastly was Drogan, the Great Green Dragon of Earth. Cultivating the land, he made it inhabitable for further life. The entire process of preparing the world for life took approximately 600,000 years.

Creation of the Shah’ren

Their world was ripe and it was time to expand the brood. Over hundreds of thousands of years the great dragons began to refine their creation, bringing further life into the world and producing additional dragonkin offspring to aid their task. Dragons of many different shapes, sizes and variety were born and created more of their own, all with a specific purpose of making order out of chaos. As the end of their task grew closer and closer, many of the dragons began to question the purpose of their creation. None of the dragons knew exactly what their Mother’s purpose with this planet was, but they knew they were attempting to balance the chaos and align the elements. The world itself was well on its way towards this arrangement, but only dragonkin lived here, and dragonkin were elemental in nature. Individually they were all skewed towards one or more elements. If this world were to be truly balanced, they would need to create a life form that embodied the balance of the elements.

The creature they created was vastly different than any dragon known at this time. It was significantly smaller standing only six and a half feet tall at adulthood. Its scales were much thinner, making it lighter and frailer than other dragonkin. It stood upright on two legs instead of on all fours and its wings and tail were much smaller and shorter. Veeshan’s children decided to name their creation the Shah’ren, and Drogan would be the first to address them.

“I am Drogan and you Veeshan’s youngest children. You are a creature of purity in form and spirit embodying what we have sought to create over the last ages. You will be the heir to this land when our task reaches completion. Go forth, children, explore this land for it will one day be yours. We shall watch over you until you are ready.” The Shah’ren looked upon their creators as gods and parents. The dragons taught them about the land they created and their goal. Over the next few millennia, the Shah’ren’s knowledge and civilization grew, but they felt distraught in what they were.

Beginning of The Conflict

Compared to the wyrms, the Shah’ren were small, meager beings. They felt insignificant and incapable of carrying out the duties of watching over the world. They knew in their hearts that the only way they would be able to ensure that the balance of the world remained would be if they became more powerful. They sought to unlock the elemental powers inside of them. As generations went on, the Shah’ren practiced with each other in an attempt to awaken and hone their abilities. They were successful. Those that had made their home on shores or islands found that they had power over the sea and the air. Those that lived in the mountains gained power over earth and fire. Their environment shaped their evolution and they found that they could shape their environment as well. They shaped the world the way they saw fit, in order to evolve themselves into the perfect caretakers. The dragons did not appreciate this as the Shah’ren were undoing what the dragons had spent so long to create. Saephyrn spoke to them.

“Children, what do you do? You are tipping the scales of this world and threatening to throw it back into chaos.”
“We wish only to aid you. Alone, we are not strong enough to watch over this world. We are merely using the power you have given us in order to aid in your task.”
“What you are doing is inappropriate and you must cease immediately. We shaped you as perfect beings, unswayed by the elemental forces inside of you.”
“We have broken that binding. This power is necessary if we are to watch over this land.” They responded.
“You must not use your powers like this for it will be our world.”
“This world is ours, we shall shape it as we like.” This angered Saephyrn. They had barely begun their existence and they already were already jeopardizing it.
“You have been here for a mere fraction of an age, do not seek to claim power over what you may yet understand.”
“Do not seek to control us!”
“Enough! Continue in this way and we shall rid you of this place! You are not to tamper with our task and you are hereby forbidden from using elemental powers!”

The world shook at her command. What she had said became true; the elemental forces within the Shah’ren were shackled and they found themselves no longer able to control natural forces. They were cowed by Saephyrn’s display and distraught by the removal of their powers. The dragons and their ilk stopped speaking with the Shah’ren. Their parents had turned from them, which made them angry.

Unable to gain power from magical sources, the Shah’ren looked for other methods exploring science and technology as an alternative. Their civilization prospered and expanded along with their knowledge of the physical world, but they could only go so far with this. They lusted for the elemental powers they had before and knew that only the dragons could release their bonds. They counseled and pleaded with the dragons to return their abilities, but they would have nothing to do with them. Not knowing what to do, the Shah’ren decided they would instead seek power of the dragons.

It all began very slowly, but picked up momentum quickly. A fallen wyvern was found by a group of Shah’ren and they studied it. Soon they began actively hunting dragons, capturing them alive in order to learn how the dragons maintained their power. Over time, they were able to synthetically create the powers that the dragons possessed. Their technology expanded. They found better ways to extract the elemental powers. Dragon hunts became raids on nests as they sought more power. Schalzharaz stepped forward in order to squelch this menace immediately.
During a peaceful moonlit night in Merathar the residents were awoken by a gleaming light. They stumbled dreary-eyed out of their beds to their windows to see what could be creating it. Looking up, an expression of shock and awe flooded their faces. Schalzharaz had set the very sky itself ablaze. Ash and hellfire rained down on the city, sending everyone into panic and shattering structures. Schalzharaz dove down over the city, igniting his scales and crashing through buildings, leaving a trail of destruction. The leaders of the city quickly convened in the temple, pleading for mercy. Their charred skeletons were the only things left behind. No woman or child was safe from his wrath as he razed the entire town. Those who fled would have sworn that his flames hunted them down. Within two hours the town was nothing more than a smoldering ruin. Schalzharaz hovered overhead in a ball of molten fire, surveying the land. His job done, he crashed down into the heart of the city, returning to his home within the earth. The city laid in darkness, ash blotting out the sky.

Word spread quickly about the destruction of the city. Dragon hunts ceased the world round. The Shah’ren went into a state silent for years. They lived in fear of dragons, especially the Primal Dragons. Merathar was the home of the largest draconic research team as well as all of their studies. Nearly 60% of the research on the dragons had been lost, but the Shah’ren still lived on in an uneasy life. Slowly, over the years, they regained their fortitude. Younger students, however, maintained their curiosity. They read everything they could about the dragons and spread the knowledge. The craving for power began gripping the Shah’ren again. They wanted the power, but they would have to be more tactful this time.

Slowly they worked their society up. Dragon research facilities were rebuilt in places hidden from the dragons. Hunting parties became more covert and clever, luring dragons into traps rather than raiding their lairs and stealing only a few eggs rather than taking all of them. The Shah’ren learned more and more, becoming stronger and stronger in power. As their power and knowledge grew the remaining fear of dragons dwindled. They became more active and aggressive in their behaviors. Soon taking down a wyvern was an easy task. They began their works on the world again, adjusting it evanescence flows and remaking things the way they saw fit. Word reached the Primal Dragons of their actions and the Shards convened.

The decision was not a simple one as the Primal Dragons were not interested in seeing their best creation wiped out and they did not want to see their world torn to shreds. After much debate, they eventually came to the conclusion that they must wipe out the Shah’ren in order to guarantee the safety of the elements. This epoch marks the beginning of the Conflict Ankienen

Article of the Week: Lithas Mordekain

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Lithas Mordekain

Lithas Mordekain[1] is a Balaani and rules over the Balaa demiplane known as Arcanum. He is a wise, old human mage responsible for the discovery of Lithium. Lithas speaks Common, Elven, High Elven, and Gnomish.


Lithas was born in Tillson, a farming community near Hearthford. He always founds the elves and their magic fascinating and had dreams of some day attending the Airalei Academy, though humans were forbidden to do so since they had no magical abilities. Befriending an elderly High Elf at a young age, his master taught him much about the mechanics of magic, simply because the boy was curious. By the time he reached 25, Lithas had cast his first spell much to the amazement of his entire community. They believed he was acting as a conduit for a demon and he was exiled from his home. Lithas began travelling, visiting various libraries in order to learn more about magic. When he was 29, he met a young female bard who took an interest in him and they began travelling together. By 31, they were married. Lithas was accepted into The Academy at 34, giving him access to the most extensive library he has ever known. He continued he research until he was 40, when he began seeking more knowledge. He discovered lithium when he was 41 and published the findings at 47, leaving out the origins. He continued he research of lithium, eventually beginning the formation of what he called the Balaani when he was 51. Balaani membership was complete by 55. Balanoth’s power was obtained when Lithas was 58.

Lithas has a daughter, though her age and fate are currently undetermined, as with his wife.


Lithas favors knowledge over anything else believing that a sharp mind is more potent than a sharp sword. He prefers to think his way out of situations rather than fight, usually providing a demonstration of power in order to avoid combat, if no other solution seems reasonably available. Lithas has no time for foolish behavior or games, feeling they are a waste of time and energy that could be used on advancing goals.


The discoverer of Mana, Lithium and the truth of Balanoth, Lithas is the founding member of the Balaani. He potentially has the most power available on the plane, but it is difficult to control. While Lithas’ ultimate goal in discovering Balanoth was ultimate knowledge of the universe, he has since abandoned this in favor of returning to his family.


When queried about his opinion of the other Balaani, this is how Lithas would reply.

Duran: “He pursuit of esoteric knowledge of the dark and erudition of ancient history makes him a favorable ally.”
Fhugen: “A dangerous axe-wielding dwarf too ignorant to realize what we are doing. Still, his tactics are masterful and well planned.”
Gaea: “Her attachment to old traditions, while useful in certain aspects, is more of a restriction.”
Seraphyn: “I appreciate her discipline though I find her methods absurd.”
Jaeger: “I admire her curiousity, but her childishness reminds me of Maryle[2]; a memory I’d rather forgo until I can feel her warm embrace.”
Joseph: “He is a great, knowledgable friend whom I trust. I am glad to have him by my side.”

[edit] References

  1. His first name was just randomly made up, then I realize it fit with Lithium. His last name is based off of Mordenkainen, a character created by Gary Gygax.
  2. His daughter.

Article of the Week: Balanoth

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In order to push myself to try update more regularly as well as write better articles in the [[Special:Random|wiki]], I’m going to start posting a random article in my blog once a week. I’m not sure what day I’ll do this on, but we’ll start with today since I just came up with this idea. Hopefully, this will make me iron out the details of certain articles before I post them as well as get some feedback on what I need to do to elaborate or change to make things more interesting. Keep in mind that these are direct copy/paste from the wiki at the time of posting, so everything might not translate over perfectly. So as the first article of the week, I present to you [[Balanoth]].

Balanoth (Bal-a-noth) is known as the Great Dragon of Mana, the Primal Dragon of Mana, a Shard of Veeshan, Veeshan’s Strength, and many others. He was brought to Saros at the end of The Conflict, attracted to the planet by the Shah’ren‘s magic. His powers include the manipulation of mana, allowing him a great deal of control over the physical and magical aspects of the world.


During the last Century of The Conflict, the Shah’ren discovered a vast amount of potentially usable power in a meteor that would be passing somewhat close to their planets path. Lusting after its power, they began using the Focus Towers they had captured to make drastic changes to Saros, tilting its axis and shifting its alignment, slowly moving it orbit closer to the path of the meteor. After about 80 years, the two celestial bodies were close enough that they would collide. The Shah’ren would be able to take the power from the meteor for themselves and finally crush the remaining Primal Dragons and their forces, but they had underestimated the object. As it began its approach towards the planet they realized that it was significantly larger than they originally estimated. Additionally, it contained much more power than they expected and were prepared to handle. Their elders began using their powers to try to keep the meteor from colliding with their planet, potentially shattering it to pieces.

When the Primal Dragons discovered this plot, they immediately abandoned their posts on the battlefields, leaving the lesser dragons to fight. Their new priority was to stop this object from destroying what they had spent so long creating. All five remaining Shards of Veeshan focused their energy on diverting the meteor, but it was too late as it was travelling too fast for them to stop. Instead, with the combined efforts of the Shah’ren, they were able to shatter the meteor before it hit the planet. This action kept the planet from being completely obliterated, but caused a great deal of wide-scale devastation. Fourty percent of the planet’s population died upon impact as the fragments of the meteor rained down from the sky, the largest one dislodging a large chunk of the planet creating the moon Moraine[1]. Over the next thirty years an additional 30% of the population died from the residual effects.

The meteor was the remanence of a dead planet that Zeroth had claimed. The planet was a place of serenity and order, which Zeroth despised. He seeded the planet with Balanoth whom rampaged throughout the land tearing it apart from the seams until it eventually shattered. Balanoth was flung into space with a chunk of the planet and drifted for thousands of years. His power slowly dwindled until he fell into a deep slumber. The Primal dragons of Saros detected his presence and tried to divert the meteor by bombarding it with their own lifeforce going so far as to assault it with their pure essence. Balanoth was able to gain power from these assaults, stripping out the mana to charge himself. When the Primal dragon’s offered their forms to stop the meteor he struck his hardest, absorbing much of their energy and causing the meteor to shatter, allowing him to break free. The Primal Dragons were greatly damaged by this, but their world would survive. Charged with the power he was able to drain from the Primal Dragons, Balanoth began a new reign of terror.


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The planet was already in a state of chaos with resources being exhausted on the Dragon-Shah’ren war allowing Balanoth to quickly established himself as dominance over the lesser races. He met with little initial resistance: Most of the armies were killed or shattered during his arrival and Shah’ren technology could not penetrate his magical defenses[2]. The dragons, without their primal parents, were no match for him and he was quickly able to dispatch or banish the elemental forces. Balanoth had nothing to stop his reign of terror and his grip on Saros was very tight. He immediately began reshaping the world and the creatures of it as he saw fit, twisting them and torturing them as if they were toys. Balanoth went so far as to even revive some of the creatures from Trantis, his destroyed old home world, to assist him in his reign.

Balanoth’s magic oppressed the elemental forces in the world as he absorbed their powers into himself. He found the Shah’ren to be a delightful bunch, stripping them of their elemental properties. Only the most enduring of the elements remained leaving the Shah’ren weak and frail; elven is the name they called their state. The Kobolds, whom were still elementally balanced, wrought the worst of these effects. Their form became much smaller, weak, and frail. Nearly every creature on the planet was made incapable of using magic and those who still were were obliterated; even uttering a word in the dragon’s language was punishable by annihilation for the individual and everyone within a 5 mile radius.

Curse Words

During the time of Balanoth’s rule, a curse word was any form of speech in his forbidden language, the language of the dragons, capable of invoking great and destructive magical effects. Outside of this period a curse word is considered a language of the Dark Arts, especially a single-word spell capable of calling forth great powers similar to the effects Balanoth used. These words are usually only effective when spoken by a knowledgeable individual that can recognize the subtle nuances and inflections in the language, but even small children have been known to bring down entire cities by speaking them.

Balanoth used curse words as a major way of displaying his power and cowing the civilization. During his rule, speaking the draconic language was considered a crime and uttering any word in dragon tongue would usually bring down the wrath of the Great Dragon on the entire area.

The Fall of Balanoth

Those that opposed Balanoth met with grizzly fates. The shah’ren were forced into servitude and used as Balanoths playthings. He enjoyed stripping away parts of their elements just to see the results. During this time, Balanoth changed much of the world and many of the surviving creatures in it, corrupting them with excess mana and shredding the mana from others. Many scholars believe that he may have been responsible for many of the aberrations that exist in the world, but few records were kept during this time period. It is also believed that he is responsible for the element known as Lithium, a powerful substance known to be able to absorb magical energy.

For nearly four hundred years Balanoth ruled over Saros with an iron fist, but during this time the other Primal Dragons were regaining their strength and energy. They had worked too hard to allow some monstrosity to destroy their efforts. Banding their powers together once again, the Primal Dragons confronted him and met in epic battle. The Shah’ren, who had battled against the dragons so long ago, used this as an opportunity to restore their honor and rightful place in the world by assisting the dragons against their oppressor. In the end the dragons of Saros were severely injured and drained of power, but they were successful in destroying Balanoths form. To prevent him from regenerating they captured his essence within an elemental prison which was placed deep in one of his own personal temples so that no one would dare awaken the beast. Many wards and protective devices were placed in the temple not only to keep the dragon in, but to keep others out.


Many centuries after Balaa’s imprisonment, during the Sanaegis Ankenien, several ephemerals began searching for a great ancient power that would be capable of making their dreams come true. Unknown to them, the power they sought was Balanoth’s anima which pulled at their very souls, yearning to be released. The group called themselves the Balaani. They would eventually shatter the elemental prison that held Balanoth, each member gaining a significant portion of his power and creating a plane of existence on the evanescence known as Balaa. The plane grows in power as Balanoth’s power grows, seeking to escape and continue his reign of terror.


It is said that should the power of the Balaani become tilted Balanoth may reenter the world. The delicate balance between them prevents him from reforming his physical form, but it is possible that a young member may inadvertently release a large portion of his power allowing him to come to the world again.


  • Balanoth is believed to be the son of Zeroth due to his destructive nature and powers.
  • Balanoth is sometimes thought to have been a god that the people of this era worshipped for hope.

Naming Conventions

Balanoth’s name and design are based partially off of Bahamut. Bahamut -> Bahamuth -> Balamuth -> Balanoth. When naming Dragons, a standard form is used for the type of dragon. For Mana Dragons, this form follows the following rules:

  • Usually ends with “oth” or “ath”
  • Must give the impression of strength or inspire awe

When using Rinkworks Fantasy Name Generator, use the expression: Bv<s|>(oth|ath)


  1. This is an unconfirmed fact about Moraine. It is believed to be true, but there is not much supporting evidance
  2. Balanoth’s Mana shields strips out the energy of magical attacks turning them physical, which do little to no damage to him