Extended Rest: White Dragon!

05 Feb

SWEET GODS.  I almost got eaten by a friggin’ DRAGON!  The cold room lead to a big cave and when we went down to explore it a huge white dragon attacked us!  I tried to talk to it and calm it down, but it just ignored me.  I wish it kept ignoring me because it chased me all around the cave trying to eat me!  Just because I said it was no better than a kobold.  Yuriel kept me safe, though, and after a very long fight we beat it.  It had a pile of junk that Lokara said it kept as a bed.  We decided to take it since it wasn’t going to be sleeping there anymore.  When we get back to town we’ll figure out what to do with it.  Lokara also cut off one of its claws and says she wants to take it back to town with her.  I don’t get it.

Well, we got back to town and it turns out that that lord warden guy, Faren Markelhay,, was not actually Faren Markelhay.  Well he was, but he wasn’t.  He was just pretending to be him.  We found the fear guy locked up in a secret room under the main chamber.  The faker guy mentioned someone named Avarin Lightbane, but know one knows who he is.  All we know so far is

(several pages are torn out of the journal at this point.)


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