Librium – Changelog 2017-09-24

  0. General Effects that last “1 round” now last “1 turn.” This means an effect that would last “until...

Librium – 70 Grey Plots

Most storylines in roleplaying games are very, very straightforward. The noble, righteous good guys are under attack by the malicious, evil bad guys and we must stop them. Because the bad guys are so bad, it is okay to do so with gratuitous force. Reality rarely works this way. Everyone has motivation for their actions and no one considers themselves "evil". Just talk to your social media about politics and I'm sure you'll find some opinions you find reprehensible or people that find your opinions appalling. In our own mind, we are right.

That's one way to raise an army.

Librium – Overview of the Undead

The clattering of dried bones. The soft moan of anguish and the dragging of wet feet. The wail of a forlorn spirit. It is quite unfortunate that so many of us are familiar with some of the identifiable characteristics of the living dead. Despite laws restricting necromancy, adventurers may find themselves facing a horde of these monsters and if they are unprepared, they just might join their ranks.

Librium – Persistent Checks

There are a lot of situations where a task is performed over a period of time rather than doing it and being done. While making a sandwich might only require one check, preparing a 5 course meal will take multiple. For the fact of it, even preparing a soup or stew might be enough to justify multiple checks. Librium has special rules for these situations.

General – A note about fumbles and critical successes

I'm posting this in response to the enormous amounts of times I see GMs and players treating critical successes and failures incorrectly. Now granted you can play your game in your own way, but that does not mean you aren't doing it incorrectly.

Librium – Species Spotlight: Vespa

No one is completely certain where the Vespa originated. Some scholars hypothesize that they are the result of an arcane experiment gone wrong and they were released or escaped into the wild. Others believe that they may have evolved on their own, perhaps through the influence of magical meddling. Some believe they are natures response to the growing number of kobolds. The only thing known for sure is that a Vespa hive is a potential threat to all who venture near.

Librium – Pawns

Everyone is familiar with the lackeys or henchmen that infest all different forms of media. From the nameless guards to faceless lackeys, they serve both the side of good and evil. And for what purpose? They are almost always loyal to a fault, incapable of doing anything more than menial tasks, and abused by their employ and their enemies.

Librium – Species Spotlight: Kobold

Kobolds are malicious, cruel, xenophobic, reptilian humanoids. They hate almost every other intelligent creature, especially earthen such as dwarves, gnomes...

Librium: Combat Basics, Part 2

  Last week we focused on basic attacking and defending. This week we will look at a breakdown of actions...

Librium: Kobold Residents Declared Protected Citizens

Thromgarde — In a landmark decree yesterday morning, Queen Regent Arandell of Thromgarde ruled that kobolds living inside and outside...

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