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Empower Your Players for Flexible Encounters

Having been both a player and a DM I understand both sides of the struggle for power. The players want to be strong and powerful so they can handle whatever the DM throws at them. The DM wants to keep their power in check so they don’t become too powerful and just bulldoze over all the encounters he’s worked so hard on. At the same time he doesn’t want to utterly crush them so he ends up holding back on challenges The struggle is back and forth and I’ve come to understand that it is a balancing act. In the end the DM holds every single card in the deck, but it isn’t fun playing by yourself. Giving your players some power actually increases how hard you can be on them since it adds to their flexibility.

4 Additional uses for Aid Another

[[l:|Aid Another]] is a rarely used ability among my players which is quite disappointing.  It has some very good usages, most of which involve applying a +2 bonus to a d20 roll.  The main problem is that it requires the player to sacrifice their standard action which can usually be… Read more »