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Article of the Week: Shadow Elves

This was the one I said I was going to put up a while ago.  I don’t know if I ever actually finished it and I’m too out of it, right now, to read through it.  Hope it’s done. Shadow Elf From [[Saros]] Wiki The Shae’ren[1] are shadow elves, also… Read more »


      No Comments on MIA

Oh man, I need to bookmark this page again.  When I used [[gl:Avant Browser]], I just had it as my homepage to remind me to post stuff every so often.  Since I switched over to Firefox I haven’t really thought about it.  Well, as Monday’s came and went I considered… Read more »


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No article of the week for this week since I’ve spent all week working on (a weeks worth) of figuring out how (week) magic works.  It’s all been very complicated!  But I think I’ve finally devised a magic system that will work both in and out of game.  I’ll give… Read more »

Article of the Week: Shadow Elf

Sorry for being late.  I think I’m done with this.  Working on Shadow elves has sparked a lot of talk about how darkness/light work and your soul and charges and such.  It’s all complicated but very interesting.  If I get it all worked out it will be an article of… Read more »

Article of the Week: Joseph Quail

[[Joseph Quail]] is really important in the distant future of the [[Dragonhawk]] story. Joseph Quail From [[Saros]] Wiki [[Joseph Quail]][1] is a translator who served the Balaani before they obtained rule over the various Balaa demiplanes. He is an intelligent human that seeks to maintain the delicate balance between the… Read more »