Librium: Kobold Residents Declared Protected Citizens

A pair of merchants attempting to enter the city.

Thromgarde — In a landmark decree yesterday morning, Queen Regent Arandell of Thromgarde ruled that kobolds living inside and outside the city walls have the same rights and protection as citizens of Thromgarde and all of its states.

Queen Arandell, who has ruled Thromgarde since the death of her husband five years ago, states that the kobolds are an unseen boon that her kingdom must embrace. “Kobolds are considered a menace to the vocal minority when, in fact, they have been an important aspect of our society for many decades.” writes the Queen Regent in the decree. “In the wild they keep more hostile, vicious races in check, such as goblins and hobgoblins, while also stymieing the spread of vespa. For the most part, they keep to themselves and only act hostile when outsiders invade their homes and their territories.

“Even before this decree many merchants already do commerce kobold warrens, both near and far. They provide us with resources we cannot obtain locally as well as a potential labor force unmatched by any other races.”

For centuries many kingdoms across the wirkd have fought against kobolds, attempting to secure their outlying territories against a species that has been considered a nuisance and threat to travelers. Kobolds are known to setup ambushes and attack unprotected travelers, though quickly flee if they cannot outnumber their opponents.

“Getting supplies to and from Garrenhold is sometimes quite difficult,” says Thorak Coppersmith, a dwarven smith living in Thromgarde. “Depending on what you’re carrying you might get attacked by kobolds, especially if you’re carrying food. And don’t even think about going past the King’s Wall.” Coppersmith adds that even a small escort will prevent attacks, and cooperating with the kobolds reduces incidents of injuries.

According to reports, attacks south of King’s Wall, where travelers are permitted by decree of King Arandell, are nearly non-existent since the laws inception. However, traveling north of the wall, which is considered kobold territory, holds much greater risks.

The local adventurers’ guild is upset with the decree, stating the kobolds are a menace and must be pushed out of our lands as they are destructive. They believe this decree with hurt the adventuring industry as novice explorers will not have such a readily available source of experience. The guild claims the population of kobolds will explode without being kept in check as they spread like rats. Verrin Trisdale, leader of the local guild, could not be reached for comment.

Kobolds do not live outside the city walls, however, as many residents report kobolds have lived in the slums for some time. Some citizens claim their lives have improved with the presence of the kobolds.

“They keep to themselves, mostly. Dozens of them in a small complex across from my home,” reports Sandy Wicks, a gnome resident of Thromgarde. “They can be loud and rowdy sometimes, but they aren’t destructive. They scurry away when the guards come and are rarely seen during the day. In fact, break ins have been significantly reduced since they moved in. I feel safer.” Sandy states that a small band of adventurers attempted to ‘evict’ the kobolds, but were grievously injured by traps the kobolds had set. Thieves are less reluctant to raid homes in the slums for this reason.

Merchants around the city have mixed opinions concerning the decree. Some claim they have been trading with kobold merchants for years, while others are concerned a need for their weapons and armor will be reduced. Others are grateful for the cheap labor the kobolds provide.

“They’re not the best soldiers, but the price is right. Most escorts want partial payment or full payment before the journey,” claims Torrik Vanbull, a traveling merchant. “Kobolds are happy if you just feed them along the way and promise to payment on job completion.”

One kobold merchant, Yik Yarpip, was willing to speak with us about the decree. “I have been doing business with many merchants in the area for a long time, though I keep my nature hidden through magical means. I am glad I will no longer have to hide my nature in this wonderful kingdom. While some of my business partners have pulled out, my other loyal customers understand will enjoy reduced rates as I no longer have to keep up the disguise overhead.”

At press time, the Senate states it will contest and repeal the queen’s decree. “King Arandell would never make such a sweeping decree. This is a threat to our entire kingdom and shows that the Queen does not have the best interest of her citizens at heart. The senate will be doing everything in its power to ensure this decision is reversed and that our citizens are safe from the kobold menace.”

Michael McElrath

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