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This is the current list of skills in in Librium. This might change as things the game evolves.


The skill of mixing herbs and reagents in order to concoct potions, elixirs, oils, and other chemicals is called alchemy. Everything created by alchemy causes some sort of reaction. Whether it is beneficial or detrimental is, for the most part, up to the alchemist.

Alchemy is also medicine, the field and art of healing. It encompasses a variety of practices evolved to maintain and restore health through both treatment and prevention.

Animal Handling

This skill allows you to understand of the behavior of animals. It helps you tame and train animals, maintain their needs, treat them, and generally have comprehension of their attitudes and behavior. Animal handling allows you to maintain control and contentment of a pet as well as taming and communicating with wild animals.


The study of magic, the flow of aethereal energy, and its interaction with the physical world. The arcana skill teaches arcane principles and is extremely important for arcane spellcasters as it determines the maximum rank of arcane spell they can cast.


Archery is the skill of delivering precise, deadly projectiles past your enemies’ defenses before they are able they have a chance to retaliate.


Axe are heavy-handed weapons that focus their weight a single point or axes dealing incredible cleaving damage at the cost of speed and accuracy.


With communication skill, an explorer will have an easier time expressing their thoughts. It is especially useful when the person or creature does not speak the same language as you or you need to get a complex idea across in simple terms. You can use this skill directly, such as attempting to intimidate someone, or indirectly for concealing messages: A seemingly innocent note can hide a deeper meaning. Communication will rely on your charisma, but it may use other abilities such as strength for intimidation.


The “automatic bow”, crossbows provide quick, deadly ranged attacks at range while not leaving the wielder exposed. Crossbows are difficult to reload, however, and do not benefit from many abilities.


Include daggers, knives, shivs, pointed sticks, letter openers, etc. Daggers are usually light weapons that deal piercing stress and are among the fastest weapons available. They favor pinpoint accuracy over the brute strength of other weapons.


Engineering represents your ability to understand how machinery functions, the methods and design schemes used to create devices, and the ability to manipulate and interact with technology. Engineers create a variety of mechanical trinkets and clockwork devices with the goal of making tasks easier. Engineering also allows the user to repair mechanical devices as well as create and maintain constructs.


The Fitness skill determines how well you can perform physical tasks, such as swimming, climbing, jumping. With fitness, you can demonstrate exemplary feats of balance, agility, and motor control. Fitness relies on various attributes, such as Strength for climbing, Wits for jumping, or Constitution for swimming. Fitness checks are usually performed during movement and you are considered concentrating while performing fitness checks. You move at half your speed while making fitness checks, but you may take up to a -5 penalty to the check to increase your speed by the same amount, up to your current speed.


The craft of creating arrows, fletching allows you to recover ammunition spent from archery weapons and crossbows. In addition it allows you to modify and create new types of ammunition, reduces the price of ammunition and even create new ranged weapons.


Focusing on the ability to fight without the aid of a weapon, hand-to-hand combat makes use of your fists, legs, and the rest of your body to make quick and precise attacks. Fighting unarmed is not as deadly as a weapon without years of training.


The art of preparing hide and leather for use in production. This skill lets you create and repair light armor and leather materials. In addition, you can improve the quality of armor and leather materials.


This group includes clubs, flails, board-with-a-spike, cudgels, hammers, and more. While maces lack speed and are on the heavier end of one-handed weapons, maces pack stopping power with every swing, crushing armor and bone with ease.


The polearm group includes pikes, tridents, spears, and many others. Many polearms have reach and are balanced weapon, allowing flexibility and control.


Resources is a representation of your non-liquid assets. Having a high resources skill might mean you live a life of luxury, you have a horse or even a small ship, or own a plot of land. It also gives you access to other things, such as access to secure, clean alchemy lab, raw materials, libraries, or just the tools you need. An adventurer with resources is one that has the means to get by without hassle.

Of course, resources might not just be the things you have, but your ability to adapt when you do not have the things you need. Resources can represent your resourcefulness instead, allowing you to create makeshift devices from a slew of random parts, the ability to salvage objects you need to repair something, or just the ability to find what you need when in a bind. Kender are rarely considered wealthy, but they know how to find the resources they need.


Security gives you knowledge of the proper methods of keeping a building, location, object, or even person safe from harm, intrusion, and crime. With security, you know the proper place to hide your valuables, set up camp in a secure location, and you know the safest locations within a facility. The security skill focuses primarily on mundane security, such as guard patrol patterns, security camera locations, safe hiding spots, and the separation of the asset from any threats. The security skill provides the assurance that the available countermeasures will provide a defense in depth against any risk of threat by any vulnerability or exploit.


The craft of taking raw metals and creating them into something new. This skill will let you create and repair heavy armor, and weapons, and other objects. In addition, you can use it to improve armor and weapons, effectiveness.


Favored by warriors and casters, many staves are enchanted allow the manipulation of magic. They are among the fastest and most accurate two-handed weapons.


Stealth allows you conceal yourself from enemies, slink past guards, slip away unnoticed, and sneak up on others without being detected. Stealth also helps conceal your identity, prevent being tracked, and disguise yourself without detection.


Streetwise is a representation of your ability to survive in urban environments. You can use your streetwise to gain information, supplies, jobs, transportation, and just about anything else if you know the right people. It also represents your ability to learn about people, find out who is in charge, recognize guild or gang markings, and understand urban layout.

Having a high streetwise skill means you are connected. You know the powerful movers and shakers in society, maybe officials, mercenary leaders, smugglers, diplomats, or informants. You should make an effort to keep in contact with the people you know and understand why they are important.


The art of distraction and misdirection, subterfuge allows you to misrepresent the true nature of your activities whether it is a simple or complex lie, casually stealing something, or even falsifying your identity.


With the survival skill you understand how to survive in the wilderness for long periods with little supplies. It helps you find sources of clean food and water, understand environmental risks, and much more. Survival skill also gives you information on creatures that wander the area. This information can be used to stay out of the way of predators or perhaps to hunt down certain prey. Lastly, survival covers first aid, allowing you to provide in-the-field healthcare.


Include most bladed weapons such as long swords, rapiers, and more. Swords are balanced weapons combining accuracy and control with speed and power. Swords usually deal slashing stress.


Shurikens, darts, throwing axes, large rocks, etc. Throwing weapons tend to have an unpredictable stress range, but are quick and easy to use.


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