Consolidation of House Rules

Clearly when I am a mere player I don’t update regularly.  Anyway, I am considering starting my campaign up again and I’d like to get all my house rules together and organized.

  1. No Feat Tax: At level 5, all characters that do not benefit from a feat bonus to their attack rolls gain versatile expertise as a bonus feat.  At level 15, all characters that do not have feat bonus to any non-armor defense gain paragon defenses as a bonus feat.
  2. All V Races: Any playable race except humans and shifters that does not have a choice between two separate secondary ability adjustments will receive one.  For example, Tieflings now have +2 cha, +2 int or con.  This rule is pretty much obsolete.
  3. Aid Another:  A character can use aid another to allow the target to stand or shift 1 square.
  4. Superior Implement Training: Superior Implement Training functions as Superior Training in an Implement and not Training in a Superior Implement.  Functionally, it remains the same but this allows me to not have to consider what type of specific implement drops from creatures
  5. Grabbing Larger Creatures: If you are grabbing a creature your size or smaller it is immobilized.  If it is one size larger than you then its speed is reduced by 2. If the creature is larger than you and moves on its turn, you slide to the square it vacated. You cannot move a grabbed creature that is 2 sizes larger than you.  When you move a grabbed creature, it moves half your speed unless it is 2 or more sizes smaller than you, in which case you can move it your full speed.
  6. Divine Favors:  I’ll probably figure out a way to still use these.
  7. Wealth Tokens: This alternate currency system will still be used.  Wealth and Reputation are transferable between players, but Karma and Power are not.

I intend to go into more detail about the wealth system but for now, here is an updated chart and summary.Wealth Chart

Michael McElrath

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