Seeker: End of Quest

Observer’s Log – August 12th, 1943

My last entry was months ago, and I regret not keeping an up to date log.  I have left the group of Korok, Dilemma, Adrik, and Ravonna, but I believe their adventure still continues.  I will briefly summarize the events that between my last log entry and my departure.

After the group had left the dwarven mines they traveled back through the kobold mines and met with the kobold blacksmith.  They had gathered a large number of Sibiki mushrooms and were very interested in purchasing some of the unique kobold crafted wares.  After some haggling and negotiation I was surprised to see that they were willing to trade off the Talisman of Many Eyes.  This prompted concern from the kobolds that they would have such a relic in their possession and the kobolds arranged for the group to meet with the high priest.

They were lead deep into the kobold’s warren and further up into the mountain where they would meet the kobold priest, but it was not the priest that greeted them, it was Raka and Nishu, the two kobonashi!  The kobonashi were very displeased that the group held the talisman and had interfered with them for so long.  They summoned waves of their minions to take down the group and ultimately Nishu fell and Raka as well.  The group was merciful, however, and spared the two kobonashi as well as the dozens of soldiers that they fought.  Ultimately this probably saved their lives when Adrasteia, the bronze dragon of the mountain swooped down and picked them up in her claws.

She flew them to her lair where they discussed what had happened.  They learned that the staff and the talisman functioned as a key to open a long sealed portal, one that should not be reopened.  They learned that Verrin was attempting to open the portal in order to travel to the extraplanar dimension and face the atrocities against nature in their own home.  They learned that the kobolds had been spending years protecting it.

Adrasteia trusted them and had me reveal myself.  I was to serve as their adviser for the remainder of the journey, a task for which I felt I was unsuited!  She assured me that it was my duty however.  She gave them the assignment of performing maintenance on the portal to ensure that the seal was still functional.  They were to travel to the portal, eliminate any loose creatures that had escaped through it, and strengthen the seal.  She also assigned her three draconic guardians to join the group and assist.

They traveled down the mountain and made their way to the guardian’s nest.  The three of them talked with the group for a while and they decided to take an extended rest before heading back to town.  I think they clicked rather well.  During the journey back Adrik was exchanging comments with Kaerawyn, the spellshaper, about how difficult it was to keep the group together.  Korok was discussing battle strategy with Ellith and Aezneri was poking fun of Adrik with Dilemma.  Ravonna was mostly keeping to her self still.

They arrived in Thromgarde and went to see the Queen, but unsurprisingly she wasn’t available.  Azera spoke with them instead.  She seemed… off.  She gave them some wine and suggested that they rest for a while and leave in the morning since it was already late.  Everyone agreed.  Adrik seemed suspicious of the wine though the others didn’t care.  They had a great time while Adrik cried in the corner of the room refusing to drink, saying he had dreamed about this and it was very bad wine.

The next day, everyone seemed kind of off.  Adrik noticed this and was sure it was because of the wine.  They were behaving oddly, but willing to take any suggestions.  It was the only way they could move forward.  A note was left by the guardians stating that they’d meet the rest of the group at Azera’s shrine.  The party headed off and eventually arrived there, where they spotted Azera with the guardians drinking from a bowl.  I am not liken to comment on these events, but I am sure that was not Azera, or at least not the Azera we knew.  She ordered the guardians to “deal with these pests” and they attacked!

I didn’t immediately know if the group survived.  I was captured by something and taken away.  I was kept hostage for a while before I was able to escape.  Afterwards I learned that the group was ultimately successful and I am grateful for that.  I reported back to Adrasteia.  She said she had many new concerns and knew my services would be needed again soon.  She wished for me to monitor.

Next month is Harvest season.



Michael McElrath

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