Superior Implement Training

I hate superior implements.  Not so much the concept behind them, but how they work.  First you have to take a feat to get training in superior implements and then you have to go out and find that specifically flavored superior implement.  You want the sprinkles and hot fudge of having it be a magic item?  Better hope that happens to drop as well!

Essentially there are three parts that much match for a superior implement to work:  Training in a specific superior implement, the implement item has that specific type of superiority, and the implement has an enchantment on it that pleases you.  What makes it worse is that if you are already using an implement when you take the feat you need to go out and find a new one before the feat does anything.  The fix is a very small rewrite of the feat.

Superior Implement Training
Heroic Tier
Benefit: Choose a superior implement type for an implement you can use.  When you use an implement of that type it gains the benefits associated with the superior implement.
Special: You can take this feat more than once. Each time you take this feat, choose a different superior implement.  The effects cannot be applied to the same implement.  During an extended rest you may change which superior training affects each implement.

My rewrite basically changes the feat from “training of a superior implement” to “superior training of an implement.”  The idea is to remove the requirement for the player and DM to have to specify that the implement is superior, much like how armor is expected to be masterwork in paragon tier.

Michael McElrath

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