Unique Kobold-Crafted Rewards

Recently my groups have been traveling incognito deep within a kobold warren in search of The Staff of Eyes, an ancient relic of untold power.  They’ve been disguised as kobolds and interacting with their society or mostly trying to avoid interacting since they could potentially be detected and have to fight thousands of kobolds.  During their stay they talked with a kobold craftsman who said he could craft some of the best equipment in the world.  They shrugged him off at first, but gave his wares a lookover and was quite amazed at the quality of work.  Every piece he had for sale was unique in some way offering properties that they had not seen in stores.  To no surprise they pulled out their purse and requested to purchase items only to be told that the craftsman was not at all interest in gold.  He wanted something rarer and more harder to get.  Something much more valuable and delicate.  He would sell his wares in exchange for Sibiki mushrooms.

Sibiki mushrooms rare mushrooms that grow in areas rich with natural minerals, specifically [[w:vanadium]].  They absorb the minerals as they grow and are very valuable among both kobolds and goblins not only as a currency, but as a delicacy.  That’s right, Sibiki mushrooms are usually eaten.  The group’s focus essentially became gathering enough sibiki mushrooms as they could to buy everything they wanted.  I had planned that they could get about 100 mushrooms total, but they managed to exceed that amount through some cleverness.

All in all, the mushroom side quests turned out to be a great success.  Not only did it have them explore and learn about the kobolds, which was my primary goal for them in the warren, they also enjoyed trying to find mushrooms and figuring out the best ways to get them.  They were willing to take many risks for a chance to get more including running The Gauntlet.

Each item was specially crafted for that player’s specific needs or wants.  They would all be +3 items as the players are on the verge of hitting paragon level and +3 items should be showing up just about now.  Here are the four items they managed to procure through mushrooms.

Juggernaut Armor
Level: 12
Price: 30 [[Sibiki Mushrooms]]
Item: Wyvernscale Armor
Enhancement: +3
Property: When you are stunned you can still take a single action on your turn, but you can only use at-will powers or basic actions.
Property: When you are immobilized you can move up to 2 squares on your turn, but no more than 2 squares and you cannot shift.
Power (Daily) : No Action. Trigger: You spend a healing surge. Effect: You make a saving throw against all effects on you that a save could end with a power bonus equal to the number of enemies adjacent to you.

Our warrior is rather effective at keeping things near him, but occasionally he can be locked down himself.  I decided to give him a way to circumvent this to a degree.  My original idea for the daily power was a property that allowed him to make a saving throw whenever he spent a healing surge, but I thought that was too powerful.  The current power was born eventually since his job is to have as many enemies as possible adjacent to him.

Symbol of the Sacred Flame
Level: 12
Price: 30 [[Sibiki Mushrooms]]
Item: Neck
Enhancement: +3 Fortitude, Reflex, Will
Critical: +3d6 damage.  If the power triggering this effect was Sacred flame, each ally within 5 squares of you can make a saving throw or gain temporary hit points equal to your charisma modifier + one-half your level, or make a saving throw..Cr

Property: You can use this item as a holy symbol for cleric powers.
Property: Your sacred flame power gains a long range equal to twice its normal range.

Power (Daily) : No Action.  Trigger: You use your Sacred Flame power.  Effect:  Until the end of your next turn your sacred flame gains the following line: “Effect: One ally within 5 squares that you can see regains hit points equal to your charisma modifier + one-half your level or to make a saving throw with a power bonus equal to your charisma modifier.

Our warpriest’s biggest issue is ranged attacks.  There just isn’t much he can do if he can’t get right up next to the enemy to hit it with his mordenkrag.  I decided to increase the range on his sacred flame while still encouraging him to move closer to the action.  He expressed interest in increasing his healing and support ability so I added that in as well.

Shortspear of Ghostly Steps
Level: 12
Price: 25 [[Sibiki Mushrooms]]
Item: Spear
Enhancement: +3
Critical Hit: +3d8 damage
Property: When you use a power that allows you to shift you can move through enemy spaces, but you must end your movement in an unoccupied space.
Power (Daily) : No Action. Trigger: You use a daily power that allows you to shift. Effect: You gain phasing and insubstantial until the end of your turn.

Our monk is already pretty happy with his abilities.  He was playing the role of tank until we got our warrior and has since been attempting to lower his defenses to increase his damage.  He said he was happy with his damage and I know one of the things he enjoys most about monk is mobility.  So much so that he usually spends several minutes during his turn contemplating the best path to take to damage the most enemies.  To help with that I decided to increase his mobility with this item.  This should have the indirect effect of speeding up his turns as well as increasing his damage since he will be able to get closer to more mobs with more ease.

Primal Claws
Level: 12
Price: 35 [[Sibiki Mushrooms]]
Item: Totemic Staff*
Enhancement: +3
Critical Hit: +3d6 damage, or +3d10 damage if you are in beast form

Property: Gain a claw attack while wielding this weapon: a two-handed military light blade melee weapon with +3 proficiency bonus to attack rolls and deals 1d8 damage. The wearer gains proficiency with this weapon. This attack counts as a melee basic attack.  While wielding this weapon are are considered to be holding a weapon in each hand.
Property: You can use at-will powers with the beast form keyword even if you are not in beast form

Power (Daily) : You make a melee basic attack against each enemy adjacent to you.

This was the first item that I actually showed the players and they were able to use it as the base for the items they requested.  Our druid, Ravonna, has been switching over from predatory beastform druid to castery pack leader summoner druid.  He wanted to be able to be effective in both melee and range and I noticed he preferred staying in caster form.  I decided to give him a method of easily handling enemies that decided to approach him as well as having a fun way to just charge into combat, claws bared.

Property: If you are a dwarf, this hammer functions as a warlock implement for you (but do not apply the weapon’s proficiency bonus to attack rolls for warlock powers).
Michael McElrath

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