3 Tips to having more fun

We’ve already discussed [[l:http://wp.me/p10dgb-es|increasing the ante]] and [[l:http://www.project-saros.com/actionpoints/1-tokens-and-the-table-of-fun|rewarding your players]] to increase their enjoyment and indirectly your own.  Today we will discuss how to directly make the game more fun for yourself.

Make the Game Your Own

The D&D system is just the framework for the world you are creating and one thing I appreciate about it a lot more than 3.5 is that it understands that.  4th edition gives you the tools necessary to build your own world while offering suggestions on where to start, but ultimately you can make however you want.  Perhaps [[Shah’ren|Dragonborn went extinct years ago]] in a mysterious [[Conflict Ankienen|War between the elementals]].  [[Drow]] might be welcome in common society and worship a [[Najena|different god]].  Anything you can thing of is possible and don’t be afraid to change even simple things to help your players have fun as well, especially if it is just flavoring it different.  Maybe you have an avenger that really wants to use a quarterstaff but the stats are terrible.  Allow him to use the greataxe rules, using greataxe feats and stats, but in game it is merely a staff.

Let Your Enemies be Flexible

If you followed my advice it is likely that your players are as strong and flexible as Gumby and Hercules combined.  Use this to your advantage by making your encounters more flexible as well.  Most brutes just have their basic attack and that is it, but give them some option!  Give them an exta at-will ability or a way to retaliate or reposition.  Add environmental effects and terrain powers, preferably that both your players and the enemies can use.  Have your minions be more creative in their aggression.

Be Cinematic!

Treat your game like a book or a movie.  Describe important things in detail so they really stick out in your player’s mind.  The numbers are the least important.  Here is an exchange that happened between one of my favorite DM’s and my rogue while fighting an ice leviathan.

DM: “The leviathan encircles you causing a fine mist of water to materialize in the air.  The mist swirls around forming long jagged ice crystals and they come to a stop, each one pointing at you.”
Me: “Fu–”

The attack nearly killed my character.  This session happened 8 years ago and I still remember that battle to this day.  He could have just rolled dice and said “You take 35 damage.” but explained the attack in detail which drew me into the world.

Michael McElrath

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