Seekers: Kobold at Arms

Observer’s Log – September 4th, 1943

I am not sure if my date is accurate.  Dilemma and his friends have been wandering through the kobold warren for a long time unsure where they need to go.  They seem to be focusing on finding the runes to prevent the destruction of the cavern complex and locating the previously abandoned dwarven mines.  They are also very interested in gathering Sibiki mushrooms which are used as a form of currency among the kobolds.  After a few hours of wandering around and setting off various traps they stumbled upon what turned out to be a kobold raiding party preparing to break through a wall and attack a goblin encampment that lay on the other side.  After some discussion and promise of payment they agreed to assist.

They almost didn’t go for it, but the group did agree to assist the kobolds.  Of course, they essentially demanded payment.

“We give many mushroom if we survive!” the kobold dragoon said.
“How many mushrooms?” Dilemma asked.
“Depends on how many live!”

The group discussed and they still weren’t sure if they wanted to go.  They talked about turning on the kobolds during the fight so they could kill the others and the pot would be split among less kobolds, but that is balderdash.  Surely they wanted as many of their kind to survive.  Still not convinced, they asked the dragoon if they thought the goblins had one of the explosive runes.  He wasn’t sure of what they spoke and so they described it to him.  Recognizing the description he pulled one out of his pocket.  “You mean dis?” he asked.

“Yes! That!  Can we have?” Adrik asked, still speaking [[Kobalt]].
“We survive, I give to you.”
“Can we see first?” queried Dilemma.
“Yeah! We just need to mark it!  Chief say so” Adrik interjected.
The dragoon put the rune back in his pocket.  “You get if we survive.”

Still not really convinced if they were willing to help or just move on, they reluctantly agreed as the kobold miners managed to break through the wall.  Immediately the kobolds charged in to the goblin’s cave where about 10 goblins were gathered, doing their own business.  They turned quickly to see the kobolds.  “Intruders!  Intruders!” one shouted.  From the front of the cave a goblin ran, panicked.  “Intruders!  Intr– AUGH” as he received an axe in his back, falling over dead.  A dwarf reached down and pulled the axe out.  “Who else wants some?!”

It was as if there was a miniature war going on in this cave and the goblins were on the losing side.  Kobolds fell left and right as the goblins were merely superior in battle prowess, but the kobolds numbers proved advantageous.  It was fortunate for the dwarf that he was on the far side of the cavern away from the kobolds or they may have attacked him as well.  I am sure he was biting off more than he could chew in charging into battle by himself and he was fortunate that the kobolds happen to be making their move at the same time.

Dilemma and his friends were fortunate that the dwarf was on the far side of the cavern away from the kobolds.  The look in his eyes of pure hatred for the goblins burned through the soul.  He was forced to deal with the goblins before he could get at the kobolds and by the time most of the goblins were dead.

Following Dilemma’s advice, Ravonna pulled an interesting maneuver.  She moved off to the side where two goblins stood by themselves.  She was able to isolate them, one caster and one wardancer, and started off doing very well and having a good amount of control over the situation.  She had the support of several crossbow kobolds who stood back and fired volleys into the fray, but things turned poorly once Dakai came out, the goblin hexer who ran the cave with Valsath his warrior underling.   The wardancer and caster knocked Ravonna prone and pushed her towards the ledge where Dakai cast a shard orb.  The area became damaging but Ravonna was immobilize and unable to get out of the way.  The wardancer then pushed her off the ledge where she fell unconscious.  The rest of the party immediately attempted to get to her aid, but she was far away.

Over time they wore the goblins down to just Valsath, Dakai, and a couple stragglers.  The dwarf had decided that attacking the kobolds would not be in his best interest and Dilemma, whom on several occasions intended to “accidentally” kill some of the kobolds in hopes of increasing their pay, decided against it.  Adrik had prepared for an incident in which he was unable to show that he wasn’t actually a kobold and had previously written several pages of text in different languages explaining the situation.  He pulled them out and offered them to the dwarf who apprehensively took and read them.  It seemed things would be okay.

Once Ravonna was stabilized and the remaining goblins were down the group attempted to show that they were peaceful with the dwarf.  They wanted him to wait and they took an extended rest at which point their visual and audible disguises wore off.  They discussed the adventure with the dwarf in very short length and did a terrible job explaining the situation.  The dwarf was not impressed and didn’t seem interested in their plight until they mentioned the staff.  He had heard of such a staff and believed it would be a worthwhile sell.  They also mentioned the kobonashi and the dwarf knew that a piece of such a creature would sell very well to the right buyer.  He agreed to join them and they rationed out their disguise supplies to allow him to enter the caves.

The dwarf’s name was Korok.  He was a fighter from the dwarven lands to the west.  He had served as a mercenary and bounty hunter for a while and knew his way around battle pretty well.  He was willing to work for anyone for the right price.  One thing I do like about him is that he is willing to ask questions rather than just taking orders.  He mentioned having a half-orc friend with him when he entered the mountain but it appeared that he had gotten lost.  It is quite unfortunate.

The group headed back into the kobold caves and wandered around some more looking for the runes.  After a few hours of searching they managed to ind one in the nursery and the sleeping quarters leaving only two more to find.

After a while the group found their way towards the old abandoned dwarven mines.  The dwarves lost control of the mines when they mined too deeply into the kobold area.  It sparked a war between the two which was ended by a third source.  The area has since been off limits to kobolds and the dwarves have not returned, though they definitely wish to reclaim the mines.  Even the kobolds venture into this area occasionally with the lure of Sibiki mushrooms and possibly finding some vanadium, though something dark has lurked here ever since.

Before entering, two dragoons saw the group and warned them of the danger.  The group said they wanted to continue anyway and said that they were the gauntlet champions.  Hearing this they provided them with two seals of the dawn which would help them against the dangers.  What they would find in the old mines is a mystery to even myself.

Michael McElrath

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