Seekers: Royal Audience

Observer’s log – September 1st, 1943

The past week has been mostly restful for the group I have been following.  After they prevented the incursion of the nightmare monstrosities the city has been returning mostly to normal.  The sleep of the townsfolk has greatly improved and life is returning to normal.  Though few know what caused the nightmares to manifest, many know of the heroes who battled in the dream world and ended the torment.  Adrik, Ravonna, and Dilemma have earned themselves a name in this city and will likely draw the attention of those with power.

It was only a few days that past before the party received a missive stamped with the royal seal.  Apprehensive about the letter, the group decided it would be rude and likely unwise to reject the request of the royal family to attend dinner on Friday the 30th.  It was not long after, however, that they began receiving other invitations to other events.  Redra and her friends would be holding a party on that night in order to celebrate the victory and safety of Westpoint.  Verrin Corelas, a Scarlet Emissary of the Shattered Star, heard of the groups success as well and invited them to a dinner and meeting to discuss their recent successes.  They were already committed, however, and forced to decline both offers.

The remainder of the week was rather restful for the group.  All three of them bathed and prepared themselves for the royal audience hoping they would finally have many of their questions answered.  Ravonna has been suspicious of the royal family for quite some time as she believes the queen is lying about her identity and may have dispatched the king in order to take his throne.  Her dreams revealed far worse than she could have imagined and lead her to hypothesize that the queen was in fact a evil dragon using the position of power to manipulate the people for its own gain.

When they met the royal family they were quite surprised by the appearance of her majesty especially the pet she had decided to keep.  The surprisingly young looking elven woman was of remarkable beauty for her age and on her lap rested a small, young bronze wyrmling with its tail wrapped around her leg.  She stood as they entered and welcomed them humbly, immediately thanking them for what they had done for the city and stated that the feast before them was but the beginning of their rewards.  Their apprehension was palpable.

Before them on the long dinner table sat a wide variety of prepared dishes from blackened salmon to roast quail to fresh goat cheese.  There were many varieties of wine and ale available to choose as well, the queen herself preferring the red with the sirloin she had chosen.   The group sat down and began their discussion, unwilling to take the smallest bite or a meager sip until she queen proved that the meal was safe.

Many questions were asked and answers were given in what Adrik believed was full honested.  The queen admitted that the king had perished due to an illness several years back.  She said that it was a rare disease with little chance of survival but with her druidic advisor Azera’s help it seemed like he would pull through.  He was making a recovery when suddenly relapsed and died in his sleep.  Azera seemed perturbed that the queen would admit such a thing to the adventurers as this fact had been kept hidden from the city for so long.  It would throw the town into chaos to know that the king had died and there was no rightful heir to the throne and moreso that a female had been ruling.  Queen Arandell seemed confident in her choice to admit this and silenced Azera.

The group was hesitant to ask too many questions, but the young dragonling was brought up.  Queen Arandell explained that several years ago she became pregnant with what would hopefully be the future heir.  Near the end of her pregnancy, however, the child was lost.  So distraught was she that she felt it necessary to find something to fill the void.  Not content with a simple feline or canine companion she decided to take her fascination with dragons to hand and had her heralds acquire her a hatchling.  She has cared for her hatchling since that day, naming him Emanilith.

The conversation segued to the political dealings the queen has been having with the kobolds in the area.  She has gone so far as to declare their territory, the mountains of Haodrim, off limits to the citizens of her town which displeased many especially the masonry guild that had been mining in the area.  She explained that it was necessary, however, as the kobold attacks were only caused by the agitation of their clan.  The dwarves were encroaching on their territory and rightfully the kobolds sought to defend the area.  Thromgarde would be doomed to lose the fight with the kobolds as they had gained the favor of a dragon in the area who was also making its home in the mountains.  Once the dwarves were forced to pull out and aggression ceased against the kobolds the attacks on the town and travelers ceased.

It is worth noting that the kobolds do occasionally attack.  They seem to only target members of the Shattered Star, however.

Many other topics were discussed but few as important as the Coppernight Hold.  The queen alerted the party to a artifact that was safely secured in Coppernight Hold years ago, a relic capable of opening a portal to another realm.  She fears that the Shattered Star is searching for this relic as they are somewhat zealous in their attempts to eradicate threats to the land, especially outsiders and dragonkind.  She believes that if Verrin were to get his hands on the staff he would attempt to open the portal in order to allow these creatures into the world.  Once they had entered he would be able to swoop in with his troops and destroy them providing significant publicity to his guild and earning an even more powerful name for himself.  Unwilling to take that risk the queen wishes for the party to go to Coppernight Hold and retrieve the artifact.  They agreed.

They accepted the queens offer to allow them to rest in the castle for the night, but said that they wished to visit Redra and their party if possible.  She agreed, but requested that they receive the rest of their reward for their heroic deeds.  They were given 12 platinum pieces, of which each values at 1000 gold, as well as access to the castle’s armory.  Each of them was allowed to take one item of their choice.

They arrived at Westpoint around 11:00 and the party was still going strong.  They spent a fair amount of time drinking and socializing until they realized that they had not seen Redra.  Dilemma went to her home and discovered someone had broken in to it.  It looked as if there was a scuffle and Redra was no where to be found.  He feared that she had been kidnapped and went to ask the other villagers if they seen her.  They had not and not seeking to cause a worry he said that she was found and safe.  The group spent a few hours trying to figure out where she was before decided to rest for the night.  Dilemma and Adrik stayed at the castle while Ravonna stayed at the Lucky Halfling Tavern, an inn they have been welcomed at since they rescued the owner’s brother from a young brown dragon in the Haodrim mountains.

The next morning they continued the search.  Dilemma and Adrik requested assistance from Azera while Ravonna approached the Shattered Star.  Ravonna was very straight forward in demanding to speak to Verrin and he granted her audience.  He showed interest in the girl, but claimed not to know of her whereabouts.  He was adamant that he would not allow his soldiers to hurt such a gifted young lady and that he would put forth efforts in locating her.  Ravonna did not believe him and accused him personally of kidnapping the lad.  It was shortly after that Dilemma and Adrik arrived and informed Ravonna that they had seen Redra in town.  She had spent the night as a friends house and was safe.  The group excused themselves.

Michael McElrath

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