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It has been quite a long time since I have posted anything here.  I’ll start with a brief background of what has been happening.  Librium was going really well but as things continued I was coming to the conclusion that my game needed to be simplified significantly.  More and more I was realizing that any simplifications I could offer would bring the game significantly closer to what 4th edition Dungeons and Dragons is at that point.  I decided to trudge forward and try to fix the gaping flaws in the system of which my playtesters were happy to work.

Then I killed them.  Accidentally, somewhat.  I had them fighting some samurai golems, animated empty suits of armor that would attack them.  This went over rather terribly as the suits of armor were made out of half-plate.  Their armor was extremely high and though they were not difficult to actually hit it was nearly impossible to overcome the damage reduction.  It wasn’t the completely these golems that killed the players, however.  A water elemental in the temple they were exploring managed to possess one of them and turned it against their allies.  They were unable to figure out how to cure him and he dispatched all of them.  I decided to throw the hate in there.

The new plan wasn’t a complicated one.  I wasn’t giving up Librium completely and there is no way that I was giving up Saros.  I decided to purchase the essential books for 4th edition.  My players were willing to learn the system which didn’t take too long and we would play with their rules.  The rules which have been tested by thousands of players and gone through years of revision and adjustment.  I took a break from writing the story to give my mind a chance to cool off as bug fixing and story writing was overwhelming.  One of my friends took the DM hat and I settled down as a player so I could familiarize myself with the system.  The final intent is to turn Librium and Saros into a campaign setting much like [[gl:Forgotten Realms]] ,  [[gl:Eberron]], or [[gl:Greyhawk]].

I stopped updating the blog.  There was no news.  I was just a player and I was enjoying my relaxation.  A few months ago, however, I got my DM hat back.  I’ve been writing stories and experimenting with the system.  I’ve always felt that one should make the system their on.  Adjust it as you see fit because having fun is the most important aspect.  I’m now very settled into the system and writing my own rules and essentially doing as I please.  This brings us to now.

I’ve decided to start blogging again.  I have a lot of interesting things that I want to share and information that I want to make public.  I wanted a centralized location for it rather than allowing it to drown on some outsourced forum.  So things are now new.

I’ve spent the last week renovating this place.  I’ve updated the theme to something I believe is much, much prettier than previously.  I’ve enabled wordpress’ Site Network configuration in order to keep my blogs on topic, a major flaw that my blog lacked before.  This blog, the website you are on right now will still be dedicated to Saros.  I’ve also created Action Points for my DM and player tips.  A way for players and storytellers to really make the game their own and maximize enjoyment.  Extended Rest was actually born when I started as a 4e player.  The intent is to write stories from the perspective of the players or an entity watching the players.  I also decided to move my personal stuff to the Real Life blog (name change pending) so it would be easier to keep it private if I chose fit.  It also prevents me from flooding my other blogs, which I hope get significant visitors, with boring personal life stuff.

Since I’ve moved everything around there are obviously a lot of broken links, missing images, and loose wiring.  Unfortunately the images were all damaged by the movers and cannot be restored so anything before July 2010 is gone.  If you happen to find anything else that is broken please drop me a line.  Stay cool.

Michael McElrath

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  • asantebutterfly
    9 years ago

    So I had to sign up and activate, AND begin this whole new follow you on this blogging experience just to support you! i have yet to set aside a block of time to read and get caught up on what you have been posting thus and since the last time i read during the ice storm. so wanted to let you know you have a new fan…. ME!


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