Seekers: The Dream Portals

Observer’s log – August 23rd, 1943

I’ve been observing the events of Thromgarde City closely over the past several weeks and things just seem to be getting more complicated. My most interesting specimens currently are a small group of adventurers, three to be precise, that have recently made a name for themselves. There is Ravonna of the Stormcry clan, a razorclaw shifter druid. She has proven herself to be capable in combat, but seems vulnerable. She is aided and protected by Dilemma, a razorclaw shifter monk. Dilemma proves his excellent in physical combat and, though most monks pursue offensive capabilities, Dilemma has grown strong in defense. From the beginning I felt that he would drift towards this path as he seems to enjoy the identity of protector. I am sure that is why he was assigned to Ravonna. Recently the group lost their half-elf member named Valna, an ardent. She has been replaced by Adrik the dwarf cleric of Moradin. He has shown his capability in not only aiding his allies and protecting his allies, but also his military discipline and physical prowess.

The group arrived several weeks ago and have done many tasks around the outlying area including ridding Coppernight Hold of the goblin infestation and rescuing one of the queen’s heralds from the mountains to the west. Most importantly they assisted a young woman by the name of Redra the Dreamspinner. This poor young girl has had the same nightmare every night for the past 15 years, an echo of the nightmare her mother had as well. Redra sought to rid herself of the nightmare once and for all by facing it and spent many years of her life teaching herself arcane arts focusing on portal magic and the dreamscape. About two weeks ago she finished preparing the ritual and went to her mothers grave site to open the portal. She is a strong woman and was prepared for the event, but the ritual weakened her greatly. The nightmare entered reality through her portal and struck her down, nearly killing her.

It was only fortune that the Dilemma and his friends came across her. They were able to stabilize her and immediately sought out the creature of nightmare in an attempt to prevent it from wreaking havoc among the townsfolk. The demon had journeyed towards Westpoint, the home of Redra and her friends, and was causing destruction. The group faced off with the beast as well as the two foulspawn manglers that accompanied it. Though the battle was tough they pulled through. The nightmare creature dispersed. For the first night in 15 years Redra slept soundly.

It is unfortunate that the nightmare was not destroyed. Over the next several days it invaded the dreams of many in Thromgarde. It haunted them in their sleep, plaguing their nights and causing chaos. The townsfolk began panicking and riots soon followed. The adventuring group was affected as well and their health was slowly drained by this nightmare. Not knowing where else to turn, they went to Redra for assistance.

Redra announced that her nightmare had returned as well but she was unwilling to open the portal again as Dilemma wanted. She almost lost her life on that night, but Adrik ensured her that they would protect her. She couldn’t afford the risk nor the materials of the ritual, but Ravonna said they would assist her with the cost. Reluctantly, she agreed. The group was given a list of tasks to complete as well as materials necessary to perform the ritual. She informed them that they would have one week to gather materials or it would be necessary to wait another month for the next new moon. They were prepared for the danger.

As Redra performed the ritual, unimaginable nightmares sprewed forth through tears in reality. They fought dream spectres, nightmare marauders, and fears that they could only imagine. Redra’s ritual, this time, was a gathering of energy which allowed her to pull the nightmare creature back. It had grown even stronger than before having fed on the terrors of the city, but again the group managed to survive, just barely. Ravonna, the druid, had gotten in over her head and was nearly slain in the battle. It was by mere force of will that she survived, though she was mortally wounded and scarred.

Once the ritual was complete, the group stood before the swirling pale blue vortex again. Exhausted, the group wished to stop and rest, but Redra explained to them that the portal was unstable and it would not be open forever. They decided to face their fears and entered their own dream realms, each facing unimaginable horrors. It was completely possible that they would have physically died in this world. They emerged victorious and within a few days the township returned to normal as the nightmares were defeated once and for all.

Michael McElrath

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