Busy busy week! I’ve been working hard over the weekend trying to get tooltips imported over from wowwiki. I think these will really help get Librium organized, since I’ll be able to have mobile, easy stat boxes for weapons, equipment, spells, abilities, and maybe even monsters. I definitely need a nice template for them.

The update schedule for the [[Main Page]] is: Tuesday: Article of the Week; Thursday: Did you know…; Saturday: Recent News. Microblog is updated on a whim, and likely updated Tuesday with the AotW.

This week will be a Librium week. Expect the updates on the main page to reflect work done on the game as I organize and fill in information. I intend to make a main page for Librium as well, or at least get it decently linked on this page. I’m considering splitting the main page into left/right and going from there. We’ll see what works!

Michael McElrath

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