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Shadow Elf

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The Shae’ren[1] are shadow elves, also known as dark elves or drow. They are Wind Elves that have been infused with the dark souls of beings from the shadow realm.


As told from the books, the Shadow elves are twisted, evil mockeries of wind elves created by the Princess of Darkness Najena. It is said that long ago, before the Celesian Church had been founded, Celes and her older brother fought constantly over the rights of the sky and the land. Their war against each other waged through the skies for centuries, but ultimately Celes was victorious. She brought light and peace to the land, uniting those who would follow her into bliss, the wind elves among them. Her brother, being unsatisfied with defeat, instead lured hundreds of wind elves into his darkness, twisting and corrupting them over decades. They grew to despise Celes, their hearts filled with hatred. They left the surface world, hiding and waiting until they could strike against the light.

The date of origin of the dark elves is unclear, through stories will say they have been around since the beginning of the Elven Ankienen. They are ruthless and merciless in combat, killing any who may know of their home, or those that oppose their dark gods.

These rumors and stories are told not only by the high elves, but the dark elves as well. They wish to be left alone, and fear keeps their enemies at bay.

True Origin

Main Article: Enveloping Shadows (Story)

The shadow elves find their roots in the city of Shaena[2], a research town located in the Tranis Plains. The town was excavating an old battle site from The Conflict, researching the materials they found. Unfortunately, this site was also home to a band of Kobolds. The kobolds regularly attacked the excavation site and the town, but were regularly pushed back. The attacks became more violent and regular once an item known as Ma’at’s Torch was discovered. The town was overrun and the inhabitants forced to leave. They sought help from their other High Elven brethren, but none would come to their aid. In order to escape the kobolds they headed through the mountains hoping for assistance and refuge.

While traveling through the mountains the group happened upon the Shadow Crystal. The priests in this area began hearing voices and receiving instructions and forewarning. They followed these instructions and built their home, Shaena’ven[3] (Translation: New Shaena or City of Purified Shadow. ven can mean new or pure.) here as it proved to be a very safe location. They built a temple around tower and worshiped it. They lived here, feeling abandoned by not only their people, but their god.

Years later, human representatives of Eulin came to gather information on their whereabouts and why they were no longer reporting home. They found out about the artifacts they had found as well as this shadow crystal. Being Children of the Celes they invariably found the Shadow Crystal to be evil and attempted to destroy it with their magic. It was not strong enough, but Ma’at’s Torch was accidentally activated at the crystal, shattering it.

The effect was a shock wave of negative energy from the shadow realm which killed everyone in the town and revived them moments later. They found they were infused with this negative energy. They were now Shadow Elves.

Racial Traits

Shadows elves are tall, slender humanoids standing nearly as tall as humans but slightly thinner; males average 5’5 to 5″8 and 130-150 lbs while females are usually 5’2 to 5’5 and 100-120 lbs. A shadow elves’ hair color are usually pure white, have been known to be lighter blue, jet black, or various shades of purple. Their eyes are usually match their hair color and red eyes are not unheard of.

Shadows elves are biologically similar to humans and wind elves as well, reaching sexual and mental maturity around age 16, but they age more slowly than humans from this point. Shadow elves live an average of 250 years.

Shadow elves benefit from Darkvision, a natural ability that allows them to see just as well in the dark as they can in daylight. Darkvision functions much like normal vision in that it takes time to adjust. Sudden changes in lighting conditions renders a shadow elf unable to see clearly, and low light areas, such as those illuminated by a candle or a lantern, are difficult for the shadow elf to see. Darkvision appears perfectly clear to those that possess it, though artificial means may leave the new possessor confused. Colors seem inverted when viewed in darkvision and those that are not use to it may not be able to “read” what they see.

Dark elves have Dark souls. White magic and light based spells have detrimental effects on them, while Black magic and dark based spells have positive effects.


Shadow elf society is a matriarchal theocracy. Women are in control of the church and dictate the important aspects of drow society. Bloodlines are quite literal: The woman gives her blood to the child during pregnancy and because of this they inherit her rights. Female children are necessary to continue the bloodlines and prized much higher than male children.

The highest positions of authority are in the church which is in direct control of shadow elf society. Most upper claw shadow elves belong to the church and they are appointed by higher members. It is impossible for a male dark elf to become a ranking member in the church.

Males are considered lesser creatures in the eyes of Najena. Their purpose is purely physical and the role they play usually pertains to manual labor, soldiers, and mates. They are trained to be strong so they they can protect their matrons and offspring even at the risk of their own death. A physically strong male is usually a prime candidate for marriage. Men close to high position women can have some influence in the decisions of the city, but occasionally a male will rise to power on their own. Male drow in positions of direct power are extremely highly regarded due to the difficulty of gaining such power.


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