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[[Joseph Quail]] is really important in the distant future of the [[Dragonhawk]] story.

Joseph Quail

From [[Saros]] Wiki

[[Joseph Quail]][1] is a translator who served the Balaani before they obtained rule over the various Balaa demiplanes. He is an intelligent human that seeks to maintain the delicate balance between the forces of Balaa. Joseph speaks many languages and knows many more.



Joseph was born to a traveling merchant and never had a place to call home as a youth, though his parents provide him with everything he needed. His early exposure to the variety of races increased his appetite for knowledge as well as teaching him how to interact and do business. To help sate his thirst for knowledge, his parents enrolled him in an school which would teach him many different languages and assist in his physical and mental development. He learned much about the world through his lessons and much about himself as well.

Joseph became a professional translator and worked in the Library of Celes copying books and translating them into other languages.[2] Joseph learned much about the world thanks to this job. He later left, however, in an effort to write his own book. This proved fruitless for many months, until he was approached by his good friend Lithas who wished for Joseph to accompany with him on a journey. Joseph agreed, hoping the exploration would dissolve away the stagnation of his mind and allow him to write more freely.

Physical Characteristics

Joseph is slightly above average height for a human male standing 5’10” tall weighing 160 lbs. He has short, brown hair and brown eyes and tan skin. He is physically fit and semi-muscular, as his lifestyle requires both mental and physical training. His dress is very light and modest, wearing close that will not restrict his movement or in his way. He carry’s a brown traveler’s bag where he keeps his several books, pens, scrolls, and other writing and reading materials.


Joseph has learned many physical disciplines as well as proper social interaction. He has study the language and cultures of many different races. Because of this, he is generally a very kind person and very reasonable. He is an excellent negotiator and arbitrator, keeping peace between waring factions. He finds it easy to relate to others and capable of making others feel like he is part of the family.


Joseph never had any interest in the actual power that Balanoth offered. He joined merely to act as a translator and so he could see and experience the world from new angles, hoping it would help him complete his book. He did not accept any of the power that the other Balaani received and has no domain of his own. He usually resides safely on the Fields of Elysia where his presence is welcomed by Gaea, though most other Balaani enjoy his company as well. He knows the potential threat of the power they possess and serves to keep them balanced, preventing any single member from becoming too powerful. Joseph spends much of his free time roaming the Balaa and working on his writing.


Lithas: A fine scholar and a good friend. I’m very glad to travel with him.
Duran: I find him intriguing. His culture is not so dissimilar from the high elves if you look deep enough.
Fhugen: There is something about his past that he doesn’t share, but there is a clear method to his madness.
Seraphyn: I worry for her. I dare say she may be blinded by the light.
Gaea: It is good to get to know the elves, but I feel there may be something she is hiding.
Jaeger: She has a brilliant mind for mechanics, but she is just a child. She consistently proves herself, but it is dangerous for her here.


  1. I wanted his name to be as basic as possible. He is just an ordinary guy, so he was given the name Joe, but that felt a bit out of place. It was completed as Joseph. His last name is meant to be ordinary as well, but now that I think about it I think I may have based it loosely from Quailman
  2. In case I forget to put this anywhere, he was also unknowingly STEALING the books. Like the Library of Alexandria, he would copy the books as they were written. His copy was given to the owner and the original was kept.
Michael McElrath

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