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the article about [[Plane (Saros)|planes]] probably one of the most important articles. It can probably be more thurough, but I’m not sure how. I understand it. It doesn’t really go into as much depth about the [[evanescence]] as is possible, but that is intentional. the evanescence is an article that should be large enough to deserve its own page, but it doesn’t have one yet. I’m getting ready for bed, so I’m not going to bother with the “clean up” editing I usually do when I post these. This means the links might not work.


A Plane is an alternate area of existance or an alternate reality. To most people a plane of existance other than their home plane will be very alien to them having different laws of physics and unexpected behavior. Most planes are infinite in size while some have a very limited amount of space, such as mental planes. Planes can be divided into several groups.



  • 1 Material Planes
    • 1.1 Material Plane
    • 1.2 Plane of Shadows
  • 2 Transient Planes
    • 2.1 Timestream
    • 2.2 Astral Plane
    • 2.3 Ethereal Plane
  • 3 Elemental Planes
    • 3.1 Plane of Fire
    • 3.2 Plane of Air
    • 3.3 Plane of Ice
    • 3.4 Plane of Water
    • 3.5 Plane of Earth
    • 3.6 Plane of Lightning
  • 4 Demiplanes
    • 4.1 Balaa
    • 4.2 Mental
    • 4.3 Pocket Dimension

Material Planes

Material planes are the ones which we are the most familiar. Material planes usually have the same or very similar physical laws and things act as we would expect. Usually, between different material planes, there are small yet significant differences though they can be extremely vast.

Material Plane

The Material Plane or Physical Plane, sometimes known as the Ephemeral Plane or Light Realm, is the plane of existance which is most familiar to mortal beings. It is the real, normal world and the only world that the vast majority will ever actually interact. Things on the Material Plane behaves as one would expect things to behave within the real world. Mortals, especially those with a limited lifespan and those who have never seen another plane, are commonly called Ephemerals.

Ephemeral is used primarily by “greater” beings. Most humanoid races call it the Material or Physical Plane.

Plane of Shadows

The Plane of Shadows. also called the Shadow Realm is nearly identical to the Ephemeral plane with a few small yet significant differences. On the Ephemeral Plane elements are usually aligned slightly or majorly towards light. On the shadow plane they are usually aligned towards dark. This yields different results when it comes to magic, usually having the opposite effect that would be expected. The sun that Saros orbits is an inky black ball that radiates darkness in a bright sky of light. A light-dweller would be more comfortable out at “night” on the shadow realm. There are many vastly different creatures in the plane of shadows as well that have adapted to living in this environment.

Transient Planes

Transient planes are defined as planes that easily connect other planes together. Transient planes are usually interwoven with other planes allow them to be accessed with reasonable ease. Usually one most travel through a transient plane to reach another plane.


The timestream is an abstract idea of how time works. It is believed that time is like a river and every point on the river is a difference instance of the universe. As an individual travels through regular time they are given options which direct the direction they flow. For example, a choice to propose to a woman would leave to different possible outcomes than if they hadn’t.

Essentially, there is a sort of destiny when it comes to time. We start somewhere in the stream, be it for better or worse, but our choices can improve or hurt the path and options we have in the future.

Astral Plane

The Astral Plane, sometimes called the Outerrealm or Outer Realms, is the transient plane on which all other planes exist. In a way, all other planes could be considered demiplanes of the astral plane. The astral plane exists outside of all the other planes meaning that if one were to leave their own plane they would likely travel through the astral plane. The evanescence flows from the elemental planes through the astral plane and to the other planes.

No gravity – Since there is no ground, there is no direction or pull. Momentum exists and one can move themselves through sheer force.
Timeless – The astral plane exists as a slice of the timestream. Therefore, while on the astral plane, time seems to stop. It is possibly, however, to rejoin the current of time or be swept backwards through a temporal rip current.
Variable Magic – Because it isn’t muted by the laws of other planes magic is amplified on the astral plane when there is enough energy to invoke it. Otherwise it may be suppressed if there is not enough energy.

Ethereal Plane

Existing in covalence with the astral plane, the ethereal plane is the flow of energy from the elemental planes to all other planes. This energy is known as the evanescence. It is impossible for a physical body to ever travel to the ethereal plane, though a persons soul, their ethereal self, could reach it. Ethereal energy can freely travel between the Ethereal Plane, the Material Plane and other planes. The Ethereal plane has no physical characteristics as it exists as a flow of pure energy. It is said, however, that one can “see” shadows of whatever plane they are on. The shadows are the representations of the elements of whatever objects they are describing, though one must filter through the ethereal “static” to make things out.

The Ethereal Plane is an shifting ocean of raw elemental energy known as the Evanescence. This energy swirls and churns across the astral plane through the material planes and the elemental planes sweeping energy along with it. Bodies of ether, such as a soul, will be slowly ebb into the ether until they become a part of it.

While it is considered by many scholars as a place, the Ethereal Plane is more of a state of being. The Evanescence is understood as the vital, life-sustaining force of living beings and the vital energy in all natural processes of the universe. All living things have an ethereal force, or a soul, attached to them.

No Gravity – While there is no gravitational force on the ethereal plane, an unattended body will likely find itself swept away in the flow, eventually disintigrating into the ether.
Regular Time – Time on the ethereal plane follows the same rules as whatever plane it is on.
Non physical – nothing on the ethereal plane is physical and therefore one can freely move through anything.

Elemental Planes

The elemental planes are the source of all elemental energy in the multiverse. Each one of these planes is heavily composed of a primal element such as fire. While small amounts of other elements do exist on each plane, the amount is nearly negliable. The elemental planes are home to most elemental beings as well as the Elemental Lords. The Elemenral Lords do not leave their home plane, though they may send an avatar as an ambassador to another plane.

—excerpt from Study of the Planes

On Saros, it is widely believed among the knowing that each elemental plane is a seperate section of the universe when in reality they are more connected. The elemental planes are organized almost identically to how Saros is arranged: Each element has its own section of the world with a “flow” of other elements pouring through it. Most of the planes are represented as massive continents.

In every way, the Elemental planes are just a seperate world.

Plane of Fire

The Plane of Fire is black volcanic continent covered with rivers of molten lava. The air is thick and acrid with sulfur and brimstone. Any visiting here must be able to withstand the extreme temperatures as well as the inability to breath.

The plane extendeds downward to the fiery molten core, where Rubicant resides.

Plane of Air

The sky and clouds.

Plane of Ice

The frozen tundra of the north is the land of Shiva, an icy wasteland devoid of much life. The continent is not composed of earth, but instead the frozen water.

Plane of Water

The sea area surrounding most of the continents

Plane of Earth

A huge jungle with many mayan-like temples

Plane of Lightning

A perpetual tempest located above the sea at a specific point. The storm does move and spread and pockets of storm spawn randomly in the sky, just like normal weather.


Demiplanes are finite planes that usually exist within another plane. Sometimes certain sections of a plane itself is known as a demiplane since it exibits different behaviors from the other parts.


Balaa is the physical manifestation of Balanoth‘s power. It is divided into 6 subsections, each ruled by one of the Balaani.


Mental planes, also known as Mindscapes, are individual demiplanes of existance that are created and shaped by conscious (and unsconcious) thought. Every being capable of thought has formed their own mental plane, colored and shaped by their experiences and perceptions of reality. Usually the mental plane is experienced during sleep in which the mind explores and travels it. It is possible to reach anothers mental plane as well, though it is more easily done while they are sleep. Ghosts and other ether beings have an easier time reaching mental planes and commonly due so for entertainment.

Pocket Dimension

A pocket dimension is usually a very small demiplane that is physically contained within some object. These dimensions are sometimes created and used for storing anything from energy to people to just everyday goods.

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