Saros Links

I added some links to the left to more of the [[Saros]] wiki pages.

[[Main Page|Front Page]] will take you to the Main Page, a good place to get started if you’re just looking around.
[[Special:Random|Random Article]] will give you a random page in the wiki if you want to just throw darts at it.
[[Special:RecentChanges|Recent Changes]] will show what I’ve updated recently (note: I stopped putting edit summaries because I think I’m the only one that reads the wiki)

If you read the wiki, I encourage you to [[Special:UserLogin|Register]] so I will know I have readers. I’d especially like comments; If you are registered, at the top of the each page you will see a discussion link. Please feel free to give me your input. Questions and comments help me expand things so that others can understand what I’m thinking more clearly.

Michael McElrath

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