Plane of Ice

This is a picture I took on my trip to Chicago just before christmas 2008. I was driving my cousin to the post office and telling her a little bit about Saros. We passed this amazing field of small plants.  What made it really interesting was that it was -5ºF in Chicago at the time and it had rained recently, so every single plant was covered in a layer of ice.  It was really rather beautiful and amazing and fit the situation;  I was actually explaining to her how the [[Planes]] in the Saros universe aren’t really seperate.  The planes are more like one really large planet with large concentrations of elements in different sections. 

The Plane of Ice, for example, would be a place of low vegatation, probably small plants and all completely frozen and adapted to living in the extreme cold.  There would still be hints of the other elements, but overall it would be pretty cold.  I’m a bit lost in my ability to write descriptions, so instead I’ll just post another picture.

Obviously there won’t be stop lights on the Plane of Ice.

Michael McElrath

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