Druids, Wood Elves, and Gaea

Today at work I actually got some of the [[Dragonhawk]] story written so I’m proud of that, especially since I was starting a new chapter in the story. Everything was going pretty smoothly until I decided I absolutely had to name one of the new protagonists. She’s a druid for this clan of elves that are holding [[Michael]] and [[Kismet]].

So my first thought was “What kind of [[Elven]] name can I give her?” Well, I asked a few friends and they gave me some very nice female names, but druids take on the name of their clan, so I needed a more gender neutral name. I decided to look for a plain draconic name since she’s a dragon anyway. (are druids named after their clan or are the clans named after the druids? probably both). This lead me to some plant (I can’t remember what it was), and somehow this lead to Jupiter. From here, I got to Moons of Jupiter. I decided I wanted to name my wood elf clans after the moons of jupiter. I found a pretty nice one, which means that since its the clans name, it becomes the druids name. She was named after the moon Ananke (moon). But then I noticed that the moon was specifically a moon in the article, which means there was another Ananke article. I already knew that Jupiter’s moons were named after the Greek god Jupiter and that all the moons were named after his multitude of lovers, so who was Ananke?

Turns out she is really cool.

“In Greek mythology, Ananke (Ancient Greek: Ανάγκη) was the personification of destiny, necessity and fate, depicted as holding a spindle. She marks the beginning of the cosmos, along with Chronos. She was seen as the most powerful dictator of all fate and circumstance which meant that the other Gods had to give her respect and pay homage as well as the mortals. She was also the mother of the Moirae, the three fates who were fathered by Zeus. She was worshipped until the creation of the Orphic mystery religion. In Roman mythology, she was called Necessitas (“necessity”).”

That’s a pretty deep meaning. Do I really want to associate that much to my druids or their clans? I don’t mind so much to the draconic druids, but the wood elf clans I’m not so sure. Anyhow, this further lead to digging deeper into greek mythology (which is AMAZING by the way) and I just clicked on something that sounded like it would make a good druid/dragon name: [[w:Adrasteia]].

“In Greek mythology, Adrasteia (Greek: Ἀδράστεια (Ionic Greek: Ἀδρήστεια), “inescapable”; also spelled Adrastia, Adrastea, Adrestea, Adastreia) was a nymph who was charged by Rhea with nurturing the infant Zeus in secret to protect him from his father Cronus(Krónos) in the Dictaean cave.[1]Adrasteia and her sister Ida, the nymph of Mount Ida, who also cared for the infant Zeus, were perhaps the daughters of Melisseus. The sisters fed the infant milk from the goat Amaltheia. The Korybantes, also known as the Curetes,[2]whom the scholiast on Callimachus calls her brothers, also watched over the child; they kept Cronus from hearing him cry by beating their swords on their shields, drowning out the sound.”

Yes, more really detailed stuff! I’m not sure. Anyway, I decided that because of all of this in depth stuff, I should be really detailed and careful about how I name these things. Once I set a naming method I am going to have to stick with it so getting it right the first time would be a good thing to do.

This lead to another question. If druids take on the names of their clans, then where do the clan names come from? Do the wood elves decide the names? Do they just randomly generate names? Perhaps they form the names out of words of their language? No, none of these. The best way I derived was that the clans take on the name of the founding druid. Thus, a clan founded by a dragon named, say, Kallichore, would be the Kallichore clan. If another druid takes over that clan they take up the surname Kallichore. Druids, by the way, maintain their original names. BUT, what about that original dragon named Kallichore? What does his name become once he leaves the clan?

It would probably stay the same. If he takes on another clan, he starts going by their name, only referred to as Kallichore when he has no clan. It is likely, since if Kallichore (original) meets Kallichore (current), there may be confusion with who is whom. Thus there must be a way to distinguish between them. Titles are probably given to druids that form new clans.

Okay, so lets organize this. When wood elves were under the wings of the dragons the clan was referred to as that dragon’s clan. When it changed so that the wood elves had more control and were merely monitored by the dragons as druids the clans took on the druids name as homage to their dragon caregivers. So how did they make this transition? hmmm… Probably, the dragons started training druids. When a druid was ready, they would take over the clan and take on the dragons name. This way there is no suspicion if a dragon happens to take over the clan. Also, the hiding under the clans name allows them to hide the dragon to hide their actual name. Once the dragon moves out, they maintain their original name but get a title for founding a clan. This title is used explicitly between druids. When a new druid moves into the clan, they take over the clans name as a surname, thus becoming Dragonname Clanname. Druids, also, prefer to refer to individuals as their group identity rather than their individual identity.

For actual names, I’ll probably use the names of Jupiter’s moons, Greek names, or randomly generated fake greek names. The thing is, only dragons are actually allowed to found new clans, so all clans will have to have draconic names. I could easily say that green dragons just have greek sounding names, but what about [[Drogan]]? I could change his name, but I think I’d rather not; after all, his name is why they are called dragons. Instead, I will just continue the naming scheme (earthy names) and use greek names. Settled!

Now, [[Gaea]] is a huge thing of importance. She is a regular [[wood elf]] that became really important by becoming a [[Balaani]]. She is a significant leader to the elves, but how do the dragon elves look at her? There has to be something about her that would command a bit of respect from them. First off, she does control a good portion of [[Balanoth]]’s power. That is enough to cow the lesser dragons. She is also doing a good thing for the world by helping keep the Balaani in check; That is, there are times when [[Duran]] might send his minions to the world as an experiment. Since they are unnatural abominations that she loathes as well as creatures that threaten the balance of the world, both on a natural perspective as well as the catastrophic world changing war that happend in the past, the dragons would be interested in containing it as well. Basically, anything that escapes from [[Balaa]] is part of Balanoth’s power getting free. If Balanoth were to get free, then it could potentially mean the end of existance and thus the dragons are willing to do what they must to control him. This means Gaea has power.

An important aspect of Gaea is the fact that she knows she has this power and she had decided to use it to protect the world. Because of her connections with nature and balanoth’s power, she is capable of detecting disturbances relating to the two. That is, when one of Duran’s creatures threatens nature, she knows of it which makes her valuable to the dragons. But then again, why don’t the dragons already know? They are extremely powerful. The problem is that since the creatures are created by Balanoth’s power that are very threatening to dragons. Balanoth has the power to drain and shatter elemental energy into [[Mana]], which gives him power. If dragons are to directly confront one of Balanoth’s creations they could be killed and absorbed, strengthing the creation as well as Balanoth. It isn’t worth the risk. This also explains why the druid in [[Elven Lands]] was only monitoring the [[Chardev]] instead of helping, and why Michael must fight those creatures on his own for the most part.

This means that Dragons cannot directly stop these creatures, which is where druids become exceedingly important. Druids train wood elves as hunters of these creatures. The druids that are not dragons (most druids are not dragons by the way) can assist against them however. This is one of the reasons the dragons have the [[Dragon’s-claw]] game.

Another important thing about Gaea. I want [[Elysia]] to be important to all druids; I also want Michael to use it as a method of getting to [[Cloud Forest]] and back, since I can’t justify Cloud Forest being on the continent that he is on right now. This means that druids will have to have a method of getting there. I have no problem just allowing a to meditate to spiritually reach the place (also making it seem like less of a real place and more of a mental thing (which it is since it is a [[Mindscape]]!)), but If it is going to be used for travel, something extra is needed. I believe Elysia will be used as a way to allow druids to Shadowstep between forests, thus travelling faster. Taking a companion, however, takes something more, and also requires permission from Gaea. Outsiders are probably not allowed in Elysia without some urgent needs, like if an area that is being attacked by Balanoth’s power needs a hunter. I need to think about this some more, but right now I’m a bit burned out and hungry. Have some ideas? Feel free to post them.

Also, I decided I should use special color to only links to my wiki. I did that in this post, but I probably won’t in others. The non-default-colored links (at least in this post) are specifically to my wiki. Unless, of course, I changed it back.

Michael McElrath

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