Story: Suspicions

This is a story fragment from my Saros story.  It doesn’t actually belong in any actual story at the moment, but it will likely make its way into one I write in the future.  I wrote it about a year ago and, honestly, haven’t proof-read it or even re-read it.  I remember it being decent enough so I’ve decided to post it here.  I’d love to have feedback, but be gentle 😡

I copied this directly from the wiki and it kept all the formatting.

The Greasy Roost Tavern and Inn, a name couldn’t be more fitting for this establishment. The floors were filthy and covered with muck, the kind that stick to your feet and rip away onto the soles of your boots as you walk. The air is thick with the stench of the strange boiling meats, who know what they’re cooking. It is Fifthday night, the busiest night of the week and the dregs of society would all be here to enjoy themselves. Despite all of this, She was hungry, cold and tired. She hadn’t eaten anything that could be considered food in several days, though she doubted that there would be something considered food available here. It was difficult traveling on her own for the last week trying to avoid the dangerous of the wilderness, barely sleeping at night on the cold hard ground. A stranger offered her a ride for her journey today which was fortunate and allowed her to make better time, especially since he didn’t ask for anything in return. He left in such a hurry, though, that the girl wasn’t able to get his name or thank him properly. It had been a long time since she had a warm place to sleep and this would probably be her only chance. a few more days of travel left before she would reach her destination and this… facility… would have to do for now.

She crept up to the door opened it, peering inside. It was as bad as she imagined. The place was full of people from all walks of life, particularly the seedy underbelly. Pirates on shore leave, cargo workers, miners, all sorts of dirty, filthy people. She was hoping for the feeling of security local guards could provide, but there was no authority here save for the few groups of freelance adventures. Adventurers, they’re always so obvious. At a table near the window she saw two dwarves, two gnomes and a kender looking over what appeared to be a map. Probably some dungeon they were planning on exploring. Are they members of the Crimson Seal? Yes, it looks like they are. In the back is a cloaked shadowy figure sitting alone with his drink. So much effort to hide only seems to be drawing him more attention. There is a group of four wood elves and a human at another table with parchments and a bunch tetrahedrons. Looks like they’re playing a game, but between the tumult from the crowd and incomprehensible din that these people called music it is difficult for her to see how they can focus. The majority of the people here are human which leaves a very uncomfortable feeling in our her stomach. Or maybe it is just hunger. Food is important right now.

The young girl was drawing much more attention than she had hoped. The crowd was watching her. She could hear their whispers. She could feel their eyes.

“Who’s that cute elf at the counter?” a burly human inquired to his friends.

“Which one HA HA!” a particularly hairy human responded. “They’s all sexy if ya ask me.”

“Red riding hood over there.” He pointed at her. She looked away and put her hood up to hide her face.

“Ne’er seen her before. What’s that she carryin’?”

“The book?”

“Yea tha wordbox. An’ ya catch her eyes? They’s green like those shiny rocks.”

“I’ve heard of this girl,” a third chimed in, “they say she’s a crazy witch from the west and steals peoples souls.”

“HAHA! Das tha girl? I heard she kilt her last husband an’ keeps his soul in tha book.”

“I heard she’s a Rakhiri and that’s the Tome of Lost Souls she carries with her. Rumor has it she never lets go if it because if she does she loses her power. I bet it would sell for a fortune.”

“Yeah?” the burly one replied, “I hear that she stole that book from a powerful mage and there is a reward for returning it!”

“Ya mean like his spellbook er somethin’?”

“Ya, mage or demon, without her spellbook she ain’t nothin'”

“Yar she got creepy eyes, but she looks like jus’ a little elfy to me.”

“Let’s take it an’ collect tha reward.”

“Yeah, let’s collect on that.”

* * *
§Danu belanor kialari no mariana§ the girl said to the man behind the counter.

“Sorry, miss, I don’t know High Elven.”

She looked at him puzzled, not fully understanding what he said. “Oh, um… I am sorry. I would like… to sleep tonight, …please?”

“30 silver a night for the regular rooms, 45 silver for the ‘luxury suite’.”

“…I do not understand.”

He glared down at her, placing both hands on the counter and leaning into her face. “THIR-TEE SIL-VER.”

How rude of him! She may have not been fluent, but she wasn’t dumb. She would never be treated this way in Elven land. The humans of this society were crude barbarians! But still, she wanted a bed. It had been so long since she had a good night sleep, she figured it would be in her best interest to just get this exchange over with so she could sleep and maybe get a meal. She reached into the side pouch of her haversack to get her coin purse. What? Gone?! How could this be! All of the money she had was in– The traveler! The one that gave her the ride, he must have stolen it! That is why he was in such a hurry to leave. She sighed.

“I am sorry, I have not any money.”

“No coin, no room.”

Another night in the cold. She would have to find someplace reasonably safe to stay. She turned and headed out of the Inn.

At least it was quiet outside, besides the sounds of wolves howling and the indoor crowds echoing. She walked down the road for a bit, pondering where should could stay. She picked up her pace, hoping she’d be able to lose the four people she felt following.

“Lost, cupcake? Need a place to stay?” A voice came from behind. “Don’t worry, we’ll take care of you, hun.” She felt a large, greasy hand on her shoulder forcefully turning her around. It was those three ruffians that were talking about her earlier. She clutched her book, holding it tighter against her chest.

“Let’s get a good look at you.” He pulls her hood off and grabbed her face. Her smooth, youthful face was smudged with dirt. He glared into her at her emerald green eyes, though she refused to look at him, quivering in fear.

“You don’t look like some demon witch, just a weak little worthless blue blood.”

“Le– Let me go,” she squeaked helplessly, §Anula baniri korana.§

“Hand over the wordbox, girly.” the hairy one demanded as he grabbed it from her.

“No!” she resisted, gripping the book as tightly as she could and pulling with all her strength.

“Let go of it, wench!” He shouted, pushing her to the ground. The book fell dropped to the ground. She dove on top of it, refusing to let it go. The hairy man swung his heavy boot kicking her hard in the chest and flipping her over in the dirt.

“It isn’t yours anymore,” The burly one said as he reached down to retrieve the book, “but don’t worry, we’ll take good care of you.”

“It doesn’t belong to you, either.” rang another voice. “Now the girl her book back and leave her alone.”

>> Resolution of current situation. Ruffians scared off somehow <<

“Sorry about them. Some people in this town care about nothing but themselves.” He helped her off the ground, picking up her bag as well and handing it to her. “You must not be from around here. I saw you in the inn, were you looking for a place to stay?”

She clutched her book silently, looking away.

“If you need a place to stay I know of one that would be safe. I’m sure someone of your heritage wouldn’t want to stay in a place like that.”


He was puzzled why she wasn’t responding to him. She must have been under a lot of stress from that assault, he thought, especially since she clearly isn’t from arou– Of course! She’s a high elf foreigner. She probably isn’t fluent in Common.

§I am sorry. My name is Michael. My Elven is not very good. Do you need protection?§

She blinked and looked up at him, surprised to hear these words. §Please help me! I am trying to get to Toren! I have been lost and alone for four days! I am so hungry and tired, please help me get to Toren! …but I cannot pay you.§

He looked a little distraught, but smiled politely. §My Elven is not very good. I do not speak High Elven.§

§…I want to go to Toren.§

§You are going to Toren, but it is late. Would you like some food and a place to sleep?§

§Yes. I have not eaten.§

§Okay. You can stay with me. What is your name?§

§My name is Dracaena

Michael McElrath

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