Wiki Success!

I was finally able to finish the permissions on the Wiki!  Everything is as it should be, I believe.

  1. Unregistered users can look, but no touchy!
  2. Registered users can comment
  3. There is a special user group, Contributors, which can be manually added to any registered user.  These users can edit stuff and move things and the like
  4. Admins can admin it up
  5. Bureaucrats can destroy the world.
My navbox is still kinda funky.  I copied installed the ParserFunction extension extension but its still doesn’t work quite right.  There is no [Show]/[Hide] button, background, and the edit button pretends to be an external link.  That last part is probably because the wiki hides in a virtual directory.  I guess I’ll keep trying to figure that out

Follow Up:
Got the navboxes working properly. they needed some css and js scripts to work. Hurrah

Michael McElrath

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