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I decided to get my own webspace for my blog and wiki.  I’ve been having some “problems” lately with the administrator of the other space, whom I consider a very good friend.  She is hard to reach at times and doesn’t want to make certain changes that I’d like to make.  This makes updating things difficult to say the least.  On top of this, I got a rather nasty message from her regarding my posting in the blog about World of Warcraft.  While I have a great deal of respect for her I will not censor myself because she doesn’t like it.  The people I play Warcraft with are my friends.  If she doesn’t like them, I am sorry.

Anyhow, since the move I’ve mostly been trying to get the wiki running.  I wanted it to be but had a lot of problems.  It took me literally all day yesterday struggling to get everything right.  I finally got it working a way I would be happy with and was working on setting up user privileges.  This turned out to be very hard.  I wanted the privileges to look like this:
  1. Unregistered Users can browse the wiki and view comments but cannot edit pages or make comments
  2. Registered users can do all of that in addition to making comments
  3. ‘Contributors’ can do all of that in addition to editing pages
The problem occured with contributors.  Apparently the edit function is tied to making comments.  If you can edit pages, you can edit comment pages.  Makes sense.  However, there is an additional command that makes it so you can’t make comments.  This is tied to edit.  If you cant edit, you can’t comment.  If you can comment, you have to be able to edit.  I cannot make it so that if you can comment without editing regular pages.
I found a good thing that made it so only certain usergroups can edit non-talk namespaces, but it didn’t work right.  It ended up making it so that NO ONE, not even my all-powerful self, could edit any pages.  So I played around with privileges a bit.  Maybe if I just make myself a contributor it would allow me to edit pages?  Nope.  In fact, it became much much worse
In my clicking and not understandingness of the different usergroups I removed the Bureaucrat usergroup from myself.  This was the usergroup that was REQUIRED to change usergroups.  I cannot give myself privileges to do anything anymore.  FUCK. 
I played around in the database to try to fix it manually, but I just made it worse.  Now I get to start from scratch again. 
Michael McElrath

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