Action Points

When Standard Actions Aren't Enough

Action Points

Librium – Changelog 2017-09-24

0. General Effects that last “1 round” now last “1 turn.” This means an effect that would last “until the...

Librium – 70 Grey Plots

Librium – 70 Grey Plots

It’s so much easier to see the world in black and white. But grey? I don’t know what to do...

Librium – Overview of the Undead

Librium – Overview of the Undead

The clattering of dried bones. The soft moan of anguish and the dragging of wet feet. The wail of a...

Librium – Persistent Checks

  There are a lot of situations where a task is performed over a period of time rather than doing...

General – A note about fumbles and critical successes

I’m posting this in response to the enormous amounts of times I see GMs and players treating critical successes and...

Silithid from World of Warcraft. The inspiration for vespa.

Librium – Species Spotlight: Vespa

No one is completely certain where the Vespa originated. Some scholars hypothesize that they are the result of an arcane...

"The pay isn't much, but the job security is great!"

Librium – Pawns

“They may be called the Palace Guard, the City Guard, or the Patrol. Whatever the name, their purpose in any...

Librium – Species Spotlight: Kobold

Kobolds are malicious, cruel, xenophobic, reptilian humanoids. They hate almost every other intelligent creature, especially earthen such as dwarves, gnomes...

Librium: Combat Basics, Part 2

  Last week we focused on basic attacking and defending. This week we will look at a breakdown of actions...

Librium: Kobold Residents Declared Protected Citizens

Thromgarde — In a landmark decree yesterday morning, Queen Regent Arandell of Thromgarde ruled that kobolds living inside and outside...

Librium: Combat Basics

So things are not going as well as you planned. It was suppose to be just a delivery run to another slum in Thromgarde, but you stumbled into gang territory and they don't like Lagamo. They'll let you go, but they want whatever it is you're carrying. Medicine and supplies for a clinic that needs them. Your auralei accomplice tried talking your group out of the trouble, but her words go over there heads. Hell, you're willing to give up the supplies to save your own neck, but your volkmyr friend refuses. The krothgar in charge of the small gang of brigands is getting angry and still wants blood. They draw their weapons and your group quickly takes cover.

Librium: Basic Rules

A "brief" overview of the basic rules for Librium

Librium: Skill list

This is the current list of skills in in Librium.

Consolidation of House Rules

Consolidation of House Rules

Clearly when I am a mere player I don’t update regularly.  Anyway, I am considering starting my campaign up again...

A Little Late.

A Little Late.

It’s been a busy few weeks with upcoming finals, tests in a lot of classes, and Portal 2 being released. ...

Parsing Treasure Parcels

Parsing Treasure Parcels

Treasure parcels have been something that have confused me from the beginning of D&D.  I’ve always tried to give my...

Sisters of the Oak

Today we’ll be taking a basic woodland dryad and try to make it a bit more interesting. The basic dryad ...

Long Term Status Effects

Simple ways to make your punishments stick for just a little bit longer

Monster of the Week: Crystal Fold Guardian

One of the things I enjoy the most about roleplaying games is creation aspect.  World building, character building, designing history...

Ring of Power

Using a physical object to visually represent active initiative order has a multitude of direct benefits to the speed and flow of combat during Dungeons and Dragons combat encounters

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